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Default Re: Biggest Mistake of My Life

Originally Posted by genther View Post
We put about 8K on it per year. It has 110k miles now and the replacements in the last 6 years go far as follows:

All door locks.
Two windows
Transmission sensor
Crankshaft sensor
Camshaft sensor
Oil pressure sender
All four fuel injectors
Intake manifold gasket
power steering pump
Rack and pinion
AC evaporator coil
AC compressor
All motor mounts
Lower control arms
Rear watts linkage
Front brake calipers (both)
Ya' know, somewhere I've got a list of things about three times longer that I did to my 2001 Limited. I didn't keep as good a score on the 05 GT or my current 07 modified vert. Just to say, this list above is not that long.

I guess the point is that these little inexpensive cars are getting old and they weren't design to last that long to begin with. They are cheap to buy, cheap to modify/repair and cheap to own. But it does take a little effort. You might get a good one that you can just drive and change the oil. But most will need some repairs now and then. The good thing is that most repairs only have to be done once if you read up on the parts and repair recommendations offered on this forum.

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