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Default Typical Throttle Position Sensor range ?

Typical Throttle Position Sensor range ? - 2005 non-turbo - 210k mi

On a handheld scanner with live data our cruisers Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) readings show 14.5% at idle, and if I put the pedal to the floor - the TPS won’t get above ~63% and it sputters yet settles right down back to a reasonable 20-30% if I let up on the gas. Same readings if I operate the throttle from under the hood with Key on (engine off)… (the sensor has never been changed as far as we know -as original owners)

Too, when driving & accelerating hard, the sensor seems to give momentary readings like 210% 320% before reporting a reasonable value…

So, the range on our TPS is 14.5%-63%, and since we've started looking we've never seen a “Zero %” ...

Is this normal…?

Other than that no fault codes or anything, and performance seems reasonable.

**** Also, we were wondering if this sensor performance and max value much less than 85% would keep either the CAT or O2 drive cycles from either starting or completing…? I recall seeing somewhere that some drive cycles want to see the throttle above 85%. ****

BTW Less than 1k mi ago the throttle body was cleaned well, so dirt doesn't seem a factor. We've heard it's possible the sensor can be (re) installed incorrectly, though looking at the assembly diagrams & mating part configurations it seems impossible to assemble wrong…

Any thoughts..?

(Much obliged for any help..! )

Oh... Also, maybe related, we have a long-present P0016 (crankshaft/camshaft timing misalignment) yet the car seems to run just fine and has for ~30kmi since the code appeared.
And, the cam and crank sensors were recently replaced with OEM to make sure they're not marginally performing (since both were originals and its ‘cheap insurance’ (and will never have to be done again ).
The P0016 appeared because the timing was ~ ˝ tooth off after we changed the timing belt ~30kmi ago, yet we were done for the day and never got back to it.
Amazingly the car passed inspection (~year ago April) with the MIL light on at the time as we recall (though supposedly a car cant pass inspection with any MIL on - go figure?!?).
So we're trying to get to no more than one drive-cycle not-ready so we can see if the inspection will pass (like last-time) and are wondering if this sensor is preventing the drive cycle completions needed for inspection.

Silver 2005 Touring ATX , non-turbo, 211K mi (so-far!) - our family is first owner

Western NY - Rochester Buffalo Area

Many needed repairs / worth it / kinda fun... includes control arm, steering rack & K-frame member {each at a different time-!} - self and with local friendly mechanic.

Most notable mod is installing an AirLift(tm) Kit inside the rear springs (for the Boat / trailer !)...

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