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Roof Rack "factory installed" for GT

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Old 22 Jul 2003, 03:49 pm
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Default Roof Rack "factory installed" for GT

Chrysler does not give the option of a "factory installed" roof rack for the GT. Is there any technical reason this can't be done? Has anyone done this aftermarket with either Chrysler parts or aftermarket parts? How big a job is this to accomplish? I assume pulling down the roof lining.

Desire "factory installed" roof rack for additional cargo handling capability and longer base, to haul sea kayaks.
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Old 24 Jul 2003, 11:56 pm
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To my knowledge, two people have done it -- Tammy Meeks (TamzDream) to her 02 Dream Cruiser (which also could not be ordered with it) and me to my 03 GT last summer. There is no reason why it cannot be done, however, it is quite a job. First you have to locate someone who took their rack off, or order the components from Chrysler at a premium. Then you have to remove the headliner, at which point you can see where the rear sets of holes would be (I have measurements if you want them). Then you have to drill the 10 holes in your roof (yes, ten - 5 on each side). Then you have to bolt it one, seal with silicone, etc. It's a pretty intense weekend job and you don't want to screw it up for obvious reasons.
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Old 25 Jul 2003, 09:33 am
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Thanks much for the info! Think I will hunt through junkyards to see if I can find a roof rack that way. A couple questions:

1. You mention using silicone, did you just seal around the holes? or along the entire length of the racks? Any particular type of silicone you recommend?

2. Re drilling the holes, I would think the way to do it would be to drill up through the holes on the inside for at least starter holes. Not sure why you would need to take measurements unless the holes are blocked from the bottom. But then I have not taken down the headliner to look at it yet (in fact I have not yet ever touched the car much less driven it, I bought it but I am in Bahrain with the Navy but coming home soon).

3. How tough to pull the headliner and more importantly get it back up tight? Any special tools required?

Thanks again for the help! KevinM
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Old 03 Sep 2003, 04:51 pm
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Sorry I did not reply sooner -- I was waiting to see if a leak that developed was due to the roof rack (it wasn't and turned out to be water getting under the carpet from the A/C duct opening through the floor, which the dealer resealed under warranty).

So now I feel more comfortable giving you advice ...

1. Just the holes -- I used regular clear RTV silicone to seal the holes, which I drilled only as big as needed for the bolts to fit in (I understand the factory holes are larger for ease of installation). The order of assembly is a bolt goes through the roof rack rail, a washer goes on the bolt between the rail and the roof, and the nut goes on the bolt on the inside of the roof; I applied silicone to each part (which also kept the bolts and washers together for placing the rack into the holes) and when tightening the nuts the excess squeezes out and you can wipe it off. Below is a reply from Permatex when I recently inquired about the best product to use when I thought I would have to re-seal my roof rack (which I fortunately did not). Note that I did not even think to use a threadlocker -- sounds like it would be good to add to your list.

"You can try using the Removable Grade Threadlocker 242 to lock and seal the fastener,then apply a Clear RTV Silicone #80050 or use the Permatex Flowable Silicone #81730 to seal around the holes. If you have additional questions you can call the Permatex Tech Center 1-866-564-8461."

2. Your suggested method (starter holes from inside, align the rack, then drill down through) might work better than what I did. When you look at the inside of the roof, while you can see the general spots for the rear holes and two of the side holes, it isn't that clear exactly where to drill (they aren't pre-stamped or anything) and the front couple of holes have no location indicators at all. So since I pre-arranged the purchase of my rack from someone who had not yet removed it, I had him take measurements from the outside. What I did was then line up the rack on top of the roof, sans bolts (it has foam padding on it so it won't scratch), taped it down with masking tape and just drilled the holes through the holes in the rack. I still have the measurements if you want them.

3. The headliner removal is not difficult, but is involved. There is a guide on A nice tool to have, which is mentioned in the guide, is a trim stick which is plastic and won't scratch pieces you need to pry up. Getting it back on tight is not a problem as the sunroof, overhead console, door grab handles, door rubber trim and trim pieces hold it up in addition to two rear push fasteners.

Let me know if you need anything further.

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Old 06 Sep 2003, 09:23 am
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there is a mopar roof rack on ebay right now
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Old 06 Oct 2003, 03:21 am
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Hey there Guy's, I earlier asked a similar question on this forum about a roof rack, MY '03 GT has a factory sunroof and upon purchasing it, I also inquired about a roofrack/cargorack, but the dealer refused to sell me the rack due to the sunroof on the vehicle, I pointed out an '02 (used) on their lot that had 'both' and they said the prior owner must of had it installed, because the roof isn't that strong with the sunroof, and suggested against it. I told them I want it on the vehicle at(I think) 395 or 495 plus instalation, the sales man refused... What do ya think???? Stew
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Old 06 Oct 2003, 01:41 pm
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He is right about one thing the roof sheet metal isn't very strong and will dent easily but the roof structure itself is very strong. The dealer probably tried to install one when they were an option and messed it up. My guess is that Chrysler had allot of assembly line problems and didn't sell enough of them to keep it as an option.

A friend got caught in a hail storm ( Small ones ) and it looked like the hood and roof were shot with a machine gun
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Old 06 Oct 2003, 02:21 pm
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quote:Originally posted by knowyourturbo

I also inquired about a roofrack/cargorack, but the dealer refused to sell me the rack due to the sunroof on the vehicle,... What do ya think???? Stew
I think once again the salesman don't know the real reason. Here's another theory (better than the 'weak roof' theory)

240HP, Sticky Tires, and an even HIGHER center of gravity.

D-C knows if they put the roofrack on, they are asking to be sued when some moron rolls a PT over when pulling .8 g's with 800lbs of luggage on the roof.

I just tell anyone who asks that "PT" stands for "Plymouth's Tombstone"
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Old 06 Apr 2004, 06:18 pm
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Keep checking ebay for a used one , just recieved my OEM roof rack in the mail. I have to install mine but a buddy of mine is going to help. Don't know exactly when we'll hook up but shortly. I will try and photodocument the process for everyone. I'll tell everyone here and also PTDIY


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Old 11 Apr 2004, 12:25 pm
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I wanted one as well, I know a Mopar aftermarket rack is available, have not seen it however. My experience with roof racks is it scratches the hell out of the finish when you put it on and take it off. Gary
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