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Questions about Bras and Rims

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Old 08 Apr 2004, 06:27 pm
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Default Questions about Bras and Rims

Question #1: Convertible Rims

So my PT is a 2003 GT, and I love the new rims that are coming on the new PT convertibles. Would those rims fit my car? They look great. (EDIT: is "rims" is the wrong term? I'm mechanically a neophyte... are they jut wheel-covers of some kind?)

Question #2: Bras

I do a lot of highway driving and I am noticing some dinging and scratching up front. I was thinking of getting one of those "car bras" for my PT. There are a number of different kinds but there is one that covers the front part of the fenders, the bumper, and the front half of the hood. That one looks like it offers the most protection and I'm tempted to get it, but would the added "layer of clothing" on the hood present a problem viz-a-viz the heat generated by the turbocharger? That thing gets *real* hot.

EDIT: followup question-- I've never used a car bra before. How to they attach to the car?

Thanks in advance. Sorry if my questions are dumb--I'm a noob.
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Old 08 Apr 2004, 06:50 pm
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Your questions aren't dumb. I asked the same question. It seems that most people like the bras(if they like them) for road trips and take them off for normal everyday driving. There seems to be maintinance involved before you put the bra on and up keep. You can't put it on and forget it. You should put a good coat of wax on prior to install. The best thing to do is go to the search feature on the forum, it will bring up all questions related to your topic

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Old 08 Apr 2004, 10:24 pm
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My PT has a bra which I remove IF I'm going to just city driving, it was made by Wolf and attaches with 3 snaps on each wheel well. Rest is attached with straps and with attached "Bungee" cords.

I just make sure I have a good coat of sealant before I put it on and there is NO embedded grit. It is a full bra which extends over the hood.
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Old 09 Apr 2004, 12:34 am
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The main thing with a Bra is DON'T leave it on. If you leave it on all the time there is a good chance you'll gets spots on the paint from trapped moisture. There have been several threads about this in the past. A bra is fine but not for everyday.
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Old 09 Apr 2004, 12:41 am
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back in the threads there is the 3M clear tape bra, i am thinking of going this rout.
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Old 09 Apr 2004, 09:14 am
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Search posts by Crewzin - he has pics of the full bra like you want, and just went on a trip with it. You've gotten the tips about be sure the paint & bra are clean and to not leave it on, escpecially wet. They go on with straps. Airflow areas have mesh, shouldn't hamper cooling.
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Old 09 Apr 2004, 08:30 pm
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I had the "clear bra” installed on my 03 GT just a couple weeks ago, covers the hood to about 1/2" above emblem, panels around headlights to about 3 inches behind lights, and then I had the bumper and lower chin done. That was 2 of the 3 piece front kit made for the PT, other piece was the entire grill... I opted out as that is most labor intensive and as such, most expensive. Mine's on silver and so far I'm very happy, it is mostly invisible, except at some angles, but the peace of mind is worth it. If it can be seen in pics, I'll try to post for anyone interested. Here's the site for the manufacturer of the material used on mine, you can locate dealers and even view the templates for the cars here if you want.
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Old 11 Apr 2004, 12:17 pm
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Old 12 Apr 2004, 02:58 am
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THANKS for the heads up Gary.
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Old 12 Apr 2004, 06:38 pm
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Be very careful using a bra on a dark colour car. In the PacNW we sand the roads instead of using corrosive salts in winter. Small particles of grit tend to accumulate around the edges of the bra and can scratch the finish. It does not show too badly on a light colour car, but my dark blue Gsr has to be buffed out. Like the earlier posts stated: keep it clean!
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