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Makes ya wanna cry!!

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Old 21 Apr 2004, 05:13 pm
Young Cruiser
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Default Makes ya wanna cry!!

The worst thing that could happen to a Cruiser happened to me today. I was on my way to work as usual every morning and I needed to get into the right lane. So, I turn on my blinker and wait for the driver to see, well with 1 1/2 car space between us traffic stops and she decided not to BAM!!!! So as I waited for the 20 minutes for the cops to come, I didnt move. Once we get both of our cars out of traffic by the cop I get out. I wanted to cry, I have seen worse but this is my PT. She put 4 creases in my bumper, on the outside curve of the licence plate slot and on the inside on both sides of the plate, cracked both of my lights on the bumper and put a good bit of scratches on it. Then this lady has the nerve to ask me if I am sure that my bumper is messed up then trys to blame the whole thing on me! Controlling my anger I told her yes it messed up and I hope she has good insurance. I am now waiting for the insurance companies to talk and have my cruiser up and purdy again. What a way to start off your morning!
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Old 21 Apr 2004, 05:25 pm
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I feel for you.
In another car, I was at a stop sign & a woman hit me from behind. I stormed out of the car, went to her and said "Think carefully before you say anything, because I am REALLY pi$$ed". She said, "I'm sorry, it's all my fault". I said "That's a good start". [}]
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Old 21 Apr 2004, 05:30 pm
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That's terrible. I feel your pain. That's one of my biggest fears with my PT Cruiser.

Hopefully the lady that hit you has insurance. I was rearended in my wife's PT Cruiser. The guy didn't have any insurance nor a driver's license. Fortunately there wasn't more than a few scratches to the bumper.
Enjoy the cruise.

Don aka Basset Hound

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Old 21 Apr 2004, 05:50 pm
Cool Cruiser
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Ouch! Makes my neck tighten up just thinking about it. How's your neck hope no wip lash if you got a headace either right away or within and hour you have wip lash. My wife was hit so hard from someone not stoping it took 1 1/2 years to heal up and lots of thearphy. And still had to work. NO fun. Hope things get back to normal soon for you.
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Old 21 Apr 2004, 07:07 pm
Fresh Cruiser
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Location: Clinton Township, Michigan, USA.
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Sorry to hear about your Cruiser. I do always worry about people hitting my Cruiser. Hope that you can get if fixed soon.
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Old 21 Apr 2004, 07:41 pm
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I hate that to happen to anyone[xx(]!!! Maybe you can get the insurance company to spring for a roll pan or something you want for a "MOD". There may be a bright spot to all of this!!! Good Luck !!
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Old 21 Apr 2004, 09:20 pm
Young Cruiser
Join Date: Mar 2004
Location: Summerville, SC, USA.
Posts: 56
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I am going to go to the highest charging body shops and then take the check and add some goodies to the Cruiser, thankfully, the damage is hardly noticeable and the scratches are light.
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Old 21 Apr 2004, 10:28 pm
Young Cruiser
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I pulled out of my apartment building parking lot last month, made a right with traffic. Some lady pulled out of the next apartment building over from mine to make a left. Just pulled right out in front of my like there was no one coming. it was at night, but I had my lights on and there were no obstructions to visability. I just got the check, wondering what bumper I want to replace it. I am on my way to germany and was thinking about one that they make, but its like $800 for the whole set up of the grill, lights and bumper is around $1600... I don't have that much.
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Old 21 Apr 2004, 10:50 pm
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Sorry to hear about your troubles. She wasn't by chance talking on her phone??
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Old 21 Apr 2004, 11:37 pm
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Sorry to hear that that happened in your PT. My wife got rear ended last week by a 22 year old girl in a POS Honda Accord. The girl tried to get out of it, saying that there was no damage to my wife's 96 Civic. Well, not counting the $5000 damage on the buckled frame, I guess.

Anyhow, two nights later we drove off the lot in an 04 bright silver GT. Luck is a funny thing. Hopefully the insurance gets us enough to cover the down payment...
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