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I killed my PT.

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Old 20 Jun 2004, 05:43 pm
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Default I killed my PT.

****Warning**** Long and involved explaination****

2:05 Saturday
A nice sunny day. Hot as the dikins at 90-95 with a 100% humidity or so and a light breeze
I was traveling down the parkway.
Traffic was moving fine.
I watched as the cars in front of me were traveling about my same speed as I.
I turned my head to the left to check my blind spot while switching lanes, to look up and see the car in front of me abrouptly stop and me left with about a cars lenght and a half going 40. I had no way out.


Things falling throughout PT,
all kinds of electrical stuff turning back on,
all the lights you DON'T want to see coming on in the dash.
Cars behind me screeching tires, they didn't hit me though, luckly.
So I put it in park, get out,
walk up to car in front to see if the driver is ok. She was
turn back to look at damage to my car and
it does not look good.
A little white smoke coming out and what sounds like hissing.

She called the police while I talked to the car behind me asking them to be witnesses.

We were informed to move the cars in the parking lot near where we were.
So she starts hers and starts to move it while I block traffic.
I get in mine and start it. Vaarrrooommmahhh.......Vaarrrooommmahhh.......
Starts then shuts off, great :/
So I get my passenger to strear while I push it off the road. Needed some help getting it into the parking lot completely because of 1/5 incline in lot slope. Im glad I asked the car behind us to stick around because they helped get it up the hill.

Being curious as I was I popped the hood to see what all kind of damage I had done. The hood was still in good shape and wasn't effected.
So I take a look down near the battery.
White smoke starts pouring out of the enigne area around the battery and hissing sounds can be heard.
My first though was to run, (**** the cars is on fire!!)
I told everyone to move away from it.
To my surprise that hissing sound was the acid in the battery eating through the battery cables and some other stuff that I don't know about yet.

Mean while the other driver that I hit was screaming at me about how I was an idiot for opening my hood and that I could have killed everyone.
What does she care? My insurance is going to cover her stuff anyways, she has no right to comment on my property.

The car is f***ed.
No power no anything
Its stuck with three windows down and no security system right now.
I getting charged 55 a night to have it stored in a garage that is "supposedly" save and secure. I have alot of stuff on my PT to have it ripped off would really send me off the deepend.

Now I wait until Monday to see the PT again and talk to an insurance estimatetor. I just hope all my stuff is still there. Pray
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Old 20 Jun 2004, 06:54 pm
Cool Cruiser
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Ouch King! Really sorry to hear all that mate. Glad there were no injuries though.

The white smoke was most likely from the radiator rather than an electrical problem. I'd be willing to bet your loss of power is due to a damage power block since it sounds like you smacked her with the front end. If it hit hard enough it'll push all the bracketing around the battery right back into you power module.
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Old 20 Jun 2004, 06:55 pm
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Thought about a car cover? Put grommets in it and chain it underneath the car.
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Old 20 Jun 2004, 07:21 pm
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Sounds almost exactly like what happened to me... though I wasn't going quite that fast. When you talk to your car insurance company be sure to tell them about the money you're spending on the storage. I have only a carport and when I checked into it... I noticed my insurance was responsible for costs incurred to secure the vehicle until it was able to be secured on it's own again. It shouldn't take long to get the windows back up and be able to lock it.. that should be a priority.

Sorry to hear about it though. [V]I know your feeling crappy now but that won't last too long!! With all that I have been through (being spray painted, rear ending a truck and then getting broken into) ... I have definately bonded with it.. it's alive!! I swear.

It was surprising when it got broken into.. no alarms went off, even though the window was completely smashed out of it.. I guess I need to put a better alarm on it.
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Old 20 Jun 2004, 07:28 pm
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Hope your okay and things work out

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Old 20 Jun 2004, 07:41 pm
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Thank GOD you are alive and that there were no other injuries. Cars can be replaced, not lives.
About your car, hope the repairs go smoothly and that your insurance company is pleasant to deal with. I had a 16 year old hit me with a TANK while I was driving my husband's Bonneville last spring. [B)] It was a nightmare trying to get this boy's family to work with the insurance company. I was VERY angry and scared! My 9 year old could have been seriously injured if he would have been driving faster.
I don't remember seeing a pic of your PT, do you have the original grill? Just wondering what happened to it. That is, if you want to talk about it...Have you gotten an estimate on what the repairs are?
Again, glad you are safe.
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Old 20 Jun 2004, 09:19 pm
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Sorry to hear about the accident, King. I'm suprised to hear the air bags did go off I would think they would at 40 mph. You must have got it slowed down a bit. Because you said no damage to hood. If your worried about the car in storage an no security have you tried to replace the battery on your own, and see if the car will move then or at least cause the alarm system to operate?
Again I'm sorry to hear about your troubles, hope insurance and shop get you up and going again soon. Your right the woman had no right to scream at you. Good thing you keep your cool.
Please keep us posted on how things are progressing. If you run into any snags. The guys on this forum are pertty sharp, as you know, and they might be able to give you in sight about shops exct.
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Old 20 Jun 2004, 10:41 pm
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Wow man I am glad that your not seriously injured, other than your pride.

But man the poor PT, I could rattle on for hours about what I feel but it wouldn't help a bit. I just hope all is resolved without too much further stress.
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Old 20 Jun 2004, 11:07 pm
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quote:Originally posted by Almond Lush

Wow man I am glad that your not seriously injured, other than your pride.

But man the poor PT, I could rattle on for hours about what I feel but it wouldn't help a bit. I just hope all is resolved without too much further stress.
My thoughts exactly.
Ever find out what caused her to stop? [:I]
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Old 21 Jun 2004, 02:50 am
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That sucks! Glad to hear no one got hurt.Hope everything
works out OK.
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