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Temperature & Coolant Problem

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Old 03 Mar 2009, 11:15 pm
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Angry Temperature & Coolant Problem

Stange symptoms. I han a Code P0128 a while back and so I checked the overflow resevoir and it was low so I toppoed it up. To clear the code I disconected the 3 plugs from the computer under the hood and then re-connected (as per Chrysler Service Managers Advice). It cleared the code. I used the PT for the day for my business travels then about 5 miles from home I got the high temp warning. I slowed to about 50mph to get the RPM under 2000 and turned the heater up full and the temp dropped to normal. Every time I exceeded 2000rpm the temp would climb again. MY Buddy and I changed the thermostat this evening. The old one was in bad shape so we hoped that was the problem. Upon bleeding air out through the bleed beneath the rad cap, the air would not stop coming out. We bled off about 2 litres of coolant but the air just kept on coming. My Buddy thought perhaps I have a head gasket problem. The 30 min drive home depleted ALL of the resevoir, which wee filled before I started home. After I got home I re-filled the resevoir and took it out for another drive. It got quite warm agaim but only if the RPMs went over 2000. The fan works fine and starts on low then goes to high. At an idle it does not overheat. HELP. I'm baffled!!!
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Old 04 Mar 2009, 08:30 pm
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Default Re: Temperature & Coolant Problem

How many miles? Could be your water pump.
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Old 05 Mar 2009, 07:35 am
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Default Re: Temperature & Coolant Problem

My 35k mile RT66 was losing a Qt of coolant every 2 weeks, the dealer said it was the water pump and replaced it free.

My 01 looses coolant and over heated last fall too. I am turning it into a panelvan so will yank the engine and replace pump,belts and head gasket before I paint it this spring.

Funny though there was never any cooant dripping anywhere and you can't smell it burning.
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Old 06 Mar 2009, 01:15 pm
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Default Re: Temperature & Coolant Problem

Thanks Guys. It's an '03 PT with 114,00KM (71,000miles). I have had no visilbe leaks of coolant either.
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Old 13 Mar 2009, 08:21 pm
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Default Re: Temperature & Coolant Problem

Just had the same problem.
My PT only has 60,000 mile (2001). I could let the car run at idle for an hour on the driveway, no problem. When I drove the car the temp would go through the roof. (When I would turn on the heater the car would not over heat). Turns out I had several problems: the radiator was completely clogged, which in turn resulted in the failure of the head gasket.
The car would run at idle without over heating, but when driving the preasure would build up and cause overheating.
Replaced radiator, water pump, head gasket, intake and exhaust manifold (cracked due to over heating) also replaced front pully system, plugs and wires.
Car runs like new. Spent $2000.00. Now I have to keep the PT for another 5 years.
I can not complain. I have use my Cruiser as a work horse. It is my pick-up with a roof.
This is more information than you really wanted. But I hope it helps.
See Ya' on The Highway!
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Old 14 Mar 2009, 02:22 pm
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Default Re: Temperature & Coolant Problem

Wow! Do I feel like a Dork!! Had a pressure test done on the system. It was ok. The tech thought to check the rad cap. It would hold only 2 pounds!! Seems that once the engine got hot, the hot fluid would push through to the overflow and eventually blow all the coolant out. Makes sense now. New rad cap, $18.00, experience, priceless (and cheap, thankfully!).
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Old 12 May 2009, 04:56 pm
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Default Re: Temperature & Coolant Problem


We are in the uk and have owned an 02 pt 2ltr (manual) since feb this year.We are having heating issues too,it started 2 weeks ago when the wife said it heated until the alarm came on.This was in heavy traffic.

Since then it heats right up when at lights or very slow traffic but cools back down to half way once moving again.We took it to one garage yetserday and he said it got hot on him too but the fan did cut in.They said they thought the water pump sounded like it could be on its way out.

At another garage today he said it didnt sound like the pump was going, and tomorrow will do a presure test to see if the gasket has gone.He said it could be a dodgy fan switch perhaps coz today at his garage we ran it idle for at least 5 mins and the dial didnt budge from over halfway.It is getting to halfway pretty quick though, unlike when we first owned it.We always get a trickling of water sound upon starting but never see any,we were told its ust the heater system firing water around?

Problem 2 is a squeeking sound from the brakes (front right wheel) that really sounds terribly when in reverse.

I'd much rather sort out prob 1 first, any advice is very much appreciated.
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Old 13 May 2009, 01:42 pm
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Default Re: Temperature & Coolant Problem

So you got it fixed then?

When my thermostat broke, mine came complete with new cap to replace. Always flush your radiator system whenever you replace anything, best practice. That way when you refill, you will find a leak while the vehicle is in your garage and not on the highway.

Your lucky your engine didn't eat that coolant, that is some nasty stuff for both your hands, body, and engine of a car if you spill it. I tasted it while on my hands to see what it was like, like poison, killed many bugs near my car that night.
Just Cruisin, 03 N/A auto. TE Steel Blue w/ pearl coat & chrome package. Too many extras to list, see pics
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