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Tips on replacing power window motor?

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Old 05 Apr 2010, 05:42 pm
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Default Tips on replacing power window motor?


In my 2001 PT, the drivers windows occasionally will not work. I'm satisfied that it is not the switch, as I can thump my fist at the side of the door panel where the motor is, and it will work.

I pulled the panel and looked and can'at see anaything obvious that looks loose. I presume I need to change the motor. It appears a cable goes to the top, and the bottom, of the window slide, but I can't tell for sure what would be required to replace. I've tried Google and searchis here and other forums. Maybe my search words aren't quiret right

Can anyone point me to instructions for replacing that? Or, is is something I should leave to a professional? (I am mechanically inclined, so unless it's relatively hard to do or requires special tools. I suspect I could dod it.)

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Old 05 Apr 2010, 06:09 pm
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Default Re: Tips on replacing power window motor?

ewingr,Welcome to the Forum!

There is a "sticky" that give you a service manual to download to a PDF. Check that out to see if that helps.

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Old 05 Apr 2010, 06:17 pm
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Default Re: Tips on replacing power window motor?

I opened the service manual for the 01-04 cruisers and there's only a couple steps involved. Never did it myself but here's what it said:

1. Raise window to top
2. Disconnect battery.
3. Remove door trim panel
4. Disconnect electrical harness connector from motor.
5. Remove window regulator
6. With regulator on bench, remove 3 screws retaining the motor to the regulator and remove motor.

Installation is just the opposite of the above. No pictures.
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Old 06 Oct 2010, 10:24 am
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Default Re: Tips on replacing power window motor?

I'm new here, gotta bump this thread.

My gf's sister has a PT and the rear passenger window is stuck down. Motor makes no sound when activated.
I unplugged the window motor and plugged in a light to the car side of the plug to make sure current was going thru it, and I confirmed the motor was getting power.
This is nowhere near as simple as in my car. There are no visible screws that mount the window motor to the frame, at least while the window is down.
Replacing/repairing the window motor is a given, but how to do I get the window up and/or remove the window motor?
I know if I remove the window motor, I should be ableto pull the window up.
Any tips PT pros?
Crewzin, would love more info for step #5

Last edited by g35driver; 06 Oct 2010 at 10:37 am.
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Old 06 Oct 2010, 03:19 pm
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Default Re: Tips on replacing power window motor?

Hopefully someone will come along and help you out. As I said in my post I never had to do it myself and just passed on what the Haynes manual had.
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Old 31 Oct 2010, 08:19 am
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Default Re: Tips on replacing power window motor?

The front Passenger window stopped working on my 2001 PT LE, fortunately it was stuck in the up position. It had happened a few times before. The last few times, I took the motor cover off, cleaned it up a bit and re-greased it and it worked for several months. This time I took the armature out, just turn it counter-clockwise and it came out easy. I noticed that the brushes had worn. I called a friend a the local NAPA, thay don't carry the brushes, just the replacement motor. I didn't want to replace the whole motor for worn brushes. I used a small 1/4 round file and filed the brushes so that they would have more contact area. I then pulled apart the rear door and I swapped the Brushes and armature from the rear window with the front window. I also cleaned the copper contact pads on the armatures from both window motors using 1500 grit sandpaper and contact cleaner. The rear window brushes were in much better condition since we use the rear windows a lot less on our PT. I didn't even need to take the regulators out of the doors, The brushes are very easy to remove once the motor is apart. The springs are easy to work with, they don't go flying off when un-sprung to remove the brushes.
I am not sure if the window stopped working because of poor contact with the brushes or if carbon from the brushes built up in between the copper contact pads. I took care of both problems and hopefully if the problem re-occurs, it will be on the rear window rather than the front.

This is the Front windows motor with the silver cover removed.

This Shows the spring, holding the brush and the carbon between the copper

This is the Brush and the file that I used to repair it.

This is the motor with the armature removed
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Old 24 Jul 2011, 10:30 pm
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Default Re: Tips on replacing power window motor?

This I found helpful.
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