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What did you do to your NA today?

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Old 25 Sep 2010, 10:32 pm
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Default What did you do to your Cruiser today?

I had hoped to find an ongoing thread about what people did to their cars on any given day, but not finding one, figured I'd start one. Just post up the thing you did to your car today. The reason I say NA (Naturally Aspirated) is just to keep the discussions a little tighter and possibly more relevant.

That being said, today I changed the automatic transmission fluid. What a messy job. I put down a shower curtain liner I got from a dollar store and that contained the mess. The gasket material was so tight, I had to use a crow bar to break the seal. Whacking the pan repeatedly with a rubber mallet did nothing. 5 quarts and 18 ounces later and I'm just up to the bottom of the hot mark after 3 test drives. Dang but it drives like a new car now! My 1-2 and 2-3 shifts even under full throttle on a hill feel really, really, smooth. I also changed the alternator belt and drive belt for power steering and air conditioning. The A/C seems to blow colder now and the steering feels more responsive. Thinking this was placebo effect, I had two other people drive the car and they had the same thoughts. All in a good days work. So, what did you do to your NA today?
2005 2.4L Non Turbo

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Old 26 Sep 2010, 12:42 am
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Smile Re: What did you do to your NA today?

Hey their briancpearce,

As for the NA par, it might be a little bit confusing, or at least was to me as to if you might only be wanting people with NA PT's to respond or what not. I wasn't sure but figured I' would go ahead and trow my two cents in as long as its cool with ya.

Sounds like you had a good days worth of PT work. I am actually trying to go back through and give my PT a good thorough cleaning and try to dial everything in a bit better. As a whole I always try to keep everything as clean as possible, paint properly glazed and waxed according to a strict schedule, but no matter what over time things just get dirty, you get inevitable swirls in the paint, and so on, so every once in a while I like to go through everything from top to bottom and get my baby back to looking as close to showroom as possible. So far I am about half way done with her and looking good so far.

I have been at it for about two weeks now having wet sanded the paint work down and brought it back up to a deep swirl and scratch free finish once again. The Products I used for the Paint work include, Meguiar's 3000 Grit wet/dry Paper, Optimum Compound II, Optimum Finish Polish, and finished off with SWISSVAX Mystery - Concours wax which I like to use due to its high content of "Ivory" White Carnuba content which gives the paint an ultra hard shell finish.

Today I finished the wheels and wheel wells, got them back on the car and the car back on the ground, and then applied my third and final layered coat of Swissvax which has to be applied in 24 hour increments to properly cure to the paint.

So the paint is done, inside door jambs, inner doors, inner trunk and trunk jamb, under side of the hood, and engine compartment paint work are all cut, glazed, and waxed to a swirl free, defect free uniform finish. Had the car up on jack stands, wheels off and chrome machine polished twice using chrome polish, once by hand using white Jewelers Rouge, and then two coats of hard wheel wax on both the inside and out. Wheel wells are clean and the plastic inner fender wells, suspension and related components have been waxed, polished, and treated accordingly. Undercarrige is clean, all painted surfaces glazed and waxed, and rubber dressed and treated and good to go.

Interior carpet has been steam shampooed and new commercial grade ScotchGard has been reapplied. All plastic panels have been removed, cleaned, treated, and replaced. Leather was cleaned using hot low pressure steam, and then hand massaged using Leathique Rejuvinator Oil rubbed into the Hyde. The gauge cluster, passenger air bag cover, and painted center bezel have been removed, cut, glazed, and waxed by hand and reinstalled, as well as my glassed air brushed steering wheel is all polished out once again.

Next is to polish, and treat the glass inside and out, treat window moldings, mirrors and mirror housings, polish door handles, emblems, and door spears to scratch free finish once again, light polish, glaze, and wax both headlights, taillights, and reverse lights, polish wipers, and finish remaining trim. Then start on a thorough cleaning of the engine compartment, polish all metal, treat all rubber, and machine polish out my polished intake to a mirror finish again using Jewelers Rouge to bring up the shine of the aluminum. Then last but not least go over the body and trim with my favorite and most used tools being Q-Tips, and Toothpicks which are very useful for getting any wax residue out from any tiny cracks, or around trim, and any other related areas which are hard to reach with microfiber towels, and then use ultra fine specialty horse hair brushes to reach into the areas around where the door hinges meet the front, and into the tighter crevices that require these tools to get at and clean properly. And lastly a final wipe down of everything from the body to the wheels and so on, dress the tires and call it done.

I recon about another good week and I should be about good to go for awhile again.

Sorry for the loooong post, and yes I know, you can now tell me I am insane. I have been doing this to my vehicles as well as many others for a long, long time now, though these days I don't work at it as fast so it takes me a bit longer these days to do a good job to my liking, but haven't yet found anyone else who has the patience to do it the way I want it done so what can ya do.

Once its all done it will get covered back up and be all set for upcoming shows again without having to mess with it......much.

Anyways, that's what I did to my PT today, and will be doing tomorrow, and most likely the day after that. LOL

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Old 26 Sep 2010, 04:56 am
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Default Re: What did you do to your NA today?

Candyman, you are insane. But for all the right reasons at least. You treat your cruiser better than a first born child I would love to have that kind of patience, but alas, im young and always in a hurry , even though i rarely get anything done in a days time :
But today i took my cruiser to a self spray, waxed it up and gave it a good shower. I recently installed a spoiler which im hoping to post pictures on my mounting location. So i took that all apart and made sure everything looks good and that i made sure to cover up all the exposed body to avoid rusting. Threw on some new wiper blades, since is rained for the first time in forever down here. Go figure, the hurricane changes direction and i still get rain
Took my battery harness apart because im wanting to reposition it, so if anyone has done this, or has pictures of how this has been done i would appreciate it. And made sure my air intake i modified hasn't come loose or anything. So mostly just upkeep and maintenance
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Old 26 Sep 2010, 07:25 am
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Default Re: What did you do to your Cruiser today?

Candyman, you must be a sage or something to have the patience/time to do that kind of work on your Cruiser. Pictures, or it never happened! The whole NA thing is a little bit of a side joke. I've also got a 1995 Mazda Miata M Edition and on that forum, NA refers to the early body style produced from '89 to '96. All those engines were naturally aspirated and there is a separate part of the forum for those with turbos and superchargers. I thought it might be more relevant if folks with naturally aspirated engines had discussions, and then those with turbos, but I suppose since the engines on these cars came both ways, there are still enough commonalities to be relevant. Ok, turbo people, post away! Oh, and while you got into the zen of cleaning, I drove it like I stole it and had to apply full threshold braking (no ABS) to miss two suicidal deer last night.
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Old 26 Sep 2010, 09:16 am
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Default Re: What did you do to your NA today?

I haven't had time to even wash my baby in the last two weeks, I'm hoping for a wash and wax this next week.

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Old 26 Sep 2010, 12:58 pm
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Default Re: What did you do to your NA today?

I have been prepping the car for the past month for the Big Fall Pt Cruiser Classic IV in Powell, Ohio. We managed to get a top 25 plaque for our efforts!
All stock & clean!
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Old 26 Sep 2010, 01:25 pm
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Default Re: What did you do to your NA today?

I spent the better part of an hour removing the pt woody chrome grille pieces on my car. After only 18 months they were coming off by themselves anyway Of course I then had to clean the grille with alcohol to get off the sticky residue. I then reinstalled the front license plate holder that I painted with some of my left over paint.

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Old 03 Oct 2010, 08:57 am
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Default Re: What did you do to your NA today?

Ok, so my cute reference to some other forums failed miserably. Crewzin, any chance you could change the title of this thread to "What did you do to your Cruiser today?". I think we'd get many more interesting posts and I can't figure out how to change it myself.
2005 2.4L Non Turbo
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