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too good to be true or am i crazy?

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Old 01 Nov 2011, 01:54 pm
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Default Re: too good to be true or am i crazy?

Originally Posted by fabreezai View Post
29.38 MPG??!! 5th gear
N/A manuals get far, far better economy than slushbox's most have-
Same with Neon, people could get 40 + with manual, low 30's max on auto's

'02 they steepened 5th gear for even better economy
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Old 01 Nov 2011, 05:39 pm
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Default Re: too good to be true or am i crazy?

Would I get better mpg if I used the autostick ? 2005 GT automatic convertible turbo, Gas 93, mostly town driving, 17 inch tires [need new ones]
2005 GT convertible/turbo
47000 miles
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Old 01 Nov 2011, 05:50 pm
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Default Re: too good to be true or am i crazy?

I average 16 to 17 mpg during the school year (because of waiting in drop off and pick up lines), and 20 to 21 mpg in the summer, in city driving. Highway driving I average 28mpg, course not much shifting on the highway. On the strip, when I'm running 101 or higher grade race fuel, I get around 10 mpg.

I agree with what some have said here, you need at least three fill-ups to average your mpg. One is in no way indicative of your average mpg.
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Old 01 Nov 2011, 08:33 pm
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Default Re: too good to be true or am i crazy?

Sure the PTs can get good milage. Last August I went from Portland, Oregon to central Colorado and, round trip got 29.5. Head wind one way and tail wind the other. I drive 2 or 3 over the speed lim. This is with a 2010 PT. My old 04 GT would get 26/27 always on the freeway. Better when I put the Stage 1 computer in.
So I don't think the PTs get bad milage. Look at what some of the other cars get. And the "trucks/SUVs".
E. White
2010 Black over Silver, Couture Edition
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Old 03 Nov 2011, 10:36 am
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Default Re: too good to be true or am i crazy?

When I drove down from the OBX to RTTB this year I was getting almost 28mpg while at home my best is 23.4 in the fall/winter w/ no a/c running. So yeah, the PT can get some kick ass mileage on lond distance.
On the drive down I told my husband I'd be stoked if she got 25 mpg - imagine my happiness with the 28!!!
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Old 26 Nov 2011, 09:39 pm
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Default Re: too good to be true or am i crazy?

I got over 34 right after tune up, or so I thought, but next several fill-ups were closer to 27 so several samples will tell a more accurate tale.
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Old 29 Nov 2011, 04:58 pm
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Default Re: too good to be true or am i crazy?

Not crazy. On a trip up to the smokies earlier this year I approached 28mpg in a 2001 NA. Me driving, most of Florida - flat as hell - going the speed limit headed out into GA. Wife drives, she gets 24 on same section of road. I drive like an old man, her like a bat out of hell.
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Old 29 Nov 2011, 05:19 pm
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Default Re: too good to be true or am i crazy?

Strictly freeway driving both my '01 and my '04 GT can get over 30 mpg. Both are autos. In the city the '01 was around 22 mpg and the GT around 24. This is normal driving and not punching it.
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Old 30 Nov 2011, 10:10 am
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Default Re: too good to be true or am i crazy?

Last friday the wife, step daughter and her husbain and I went to see TSO in RI, we are in manchester Nh I just got a cruiser back from having 1200 bucks worth of front end work done so wanted to see how it was on the highway, which was fan damn tastic. It still needs a tune up bad. but with 4 people combined weight about 700 Lbs and running between 80-85 MPH the whole way there and milage 279, I got 26.26 MPG I dont think im going to complain about that.
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