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To PT or not to PT....

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Old 17 Jul 2012, 08:50 pm
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Default To PT or not to PT....

Hello all!! Im new to the forums here and need a little advice. This past weekend my Trailblazer died on the way home from vacation and Im looking to trade it in on something more gas friendly. Ive been looking at a 2004 PT limited with 100k miles on it. Loaded, VERY clean inside and out. On my Trailblazer I had many mods as far as lighting and audio were concerned. Is the PT a mod friendly vehicle? How about pro audio friendly? Lots of rattles?

Is there any major issues with the PT's as far as drivetrain are concerned? Are they a pita to work on?

Any help is appreciated. Please help a PT noob make a rational decision

Basically fill me in on the good and bad
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Old 17 Jul 2012, 10:28 pm
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Default Re: To PT or not to PT....

Not qualified to speak on the mechanics of a PT however you said you were looking for something that was good on gas. PT's are not known for their great gas millage. I think most owner will tell you that they get somewhere around 17-21 city driving and 24-28 average on the highway. The best I've ever gotten on a trips was 26 mpg and that was based on the car's computer not actual miles to gallons cal. There are several threads talking about gas millage if you do a search.

Moding on the other hand is something else. Lots of things you can do.

2008 Touring -9050 miles (Cash for Clunkers trade-in)
2008 Miata MX5 Vert. 30000 Mi
2000 Astro Con. Van. 58000 Mi (One owner)
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Old 17 Jul 2012, 11:56 pm
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Default Re: To PT or not to PT....

LOL Cruiszr He is was driving a Trailblazer so a PT is a step up on the MPG.

Audio upgrades is a walk in the park. I just ordered the DIN plate, and wire adapter myself for a mild change of sounds. I have an 05 GT the inside seems acoustically sound with very few area's needing rattle, squeaks,vibration attention.
There are some really great stereo systems upgrades from members here on the forum maybe they can respond about some advise?

At 100k miles you need to look at all the usual things, suspension wear, engine compression, fluid changes,spark plugs and wires, air filter, etc.
We would need to know if your prospective PT is and auto or manual transmission.

The engine compartment is tight so some things may be a PIA if you are not accustomed to working on a front wheel drive vehicle with a tightly arranged engine bay. Most everything else is pretty run of the mill the same comparatively to other cars or trucks with regards to brakes, shocks,etc. It really depends on your mechanical aptitude. If your tool box has pipe wrenches and pruning shears than you are probly not really into working on cars much anway and should find a good shop to do the work .
Now it you tool box has greasy tools a roll of duck tape and bailing wire you will do just fine!

As for performance mods you picked a "cool" car for that. Plenty of performance parts tried and owner tested over the years. Most are easy on the wallet and not to difficult for installing them.
And if you are not into gear grabbing tire smoking stop light challenges than there are hundreds of visual accessories available meeting anyone's taste.

So go get that PT you were looking at and start the fun!
To view larger pictures simply "click " on the picture!

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Last edited by NitroPT; 18 Jul 2012 at 12:01 am. Reason: I alway edit right after I post bad habbit lol
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Old 18 Jul 2012, 12:39 am
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Default Re: To PT or not to PT....

Just an fyi... At 100k miles, make sure the timing belt has been changed.

You said"trade in"so make sure the dealership does this BEFORE you purchase as this will add at least $1k
Sold 2003 Pt Cruiser GT Autostick. Sold
Now a slow 2009 Pontiac vibe 2.4l 5-speed.  818

227 HP and 281 TQ

new best of 14.56 1/4 mile on 7/25/12 still using the canned tune from my diablosport predator.

*Stage 1, DSP w/93 canned tune, 3" o2 housing, 3" FWDPerformance downpipe with cutout. Bwoody solid mounts. AMX1397 TTAB with K&n drop in filter and airbox mod. AMX1397 lower pipe and AMX1397 uppipe with HKS BOV
* stock nsrt rims powdercoated black, chrome pillars.
* 3 gauge pod w/ aem wideband, Autometer ultralite oil pressure and 30/30 boost, Mopar 8" sub.*

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Old 18 Jul 2012, 11:11 am
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Default Re: To PT or not to PT....

As to the mechanics of the PT, I purchased one because it met the criteria I had set up a few years ago for a long-term ownership, with high mileage and reduced maintenance costs.

Now mind you, 90% of the posts on ANY forums are from people asking questions about their problems. That doesn't mean that 90% of the PT's out there have issues. I've been through a few issues with mine, but she is an angel to me, rides wonderfully, handles like she's on rails, runs like a scalded ape. Add to it, I love the stereo setup, which is odd because she's a vert and sound systems in most convertibles aren't that great.

Now I've been on race tracks up and down the east coast, crashed her twice, ripped the front end off, argued with the insurance company as they wanted to toast her and I said, "pay me and I'll fix her", and today she still runs like a champ. I'm a maintenance freak, and all my vehicles get good care, and all my vehicles tend to last. I literally just gave away, about 8 months ago, a 1995 Oldsmobile Aurora with 176k miles on it, and other than crappy paint she ran better than new!

So, it's up to the individual, in most cases, whether or not their vehicle will remain functional for a long period of time. Good care, good maintenance, etc., that will extend the life of the car.

As to the PT itself, well not the best fuel economy, that's for sure. The look is different, which I truly like and the fact that it's the first of the retro vehicles out there made me stare hard at it before deciding what to buy. Add to it, you will meet MANY drivers/owners here with over 100k miles on their PT's. The volume of PT's out there with 100k+ miles is astounding!

So, like any vehicle, its sort of your choice. Personally, I love my PT. I just wish everyone else in my family did and I'd buy my daughter one, but she's a Stang fan (oh and like that's gonna happen?!?). So as long as you get a good PT to start with, one in decent shape that's been well taken care of, then you should be good to go. To me, PT Cruisers are a lot like wine or beer - very much a personal taste thing!

And remember, a PT Cruiser is NOT just a car, it's a way of life!!!

Now if you need a good laugh, check out my stupid video of me playing my

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