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2006 PT Overheating issues

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Old 03 Jul 2017, 03:51 am
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Default Re: 2006 PT Overheating issues

due to the special design of the coolant system, it requires a special procedure to fill it, and then it can take up to three drive cycles to allow all the air trapped to escape. during this time the temperature can slightly deviate.
my best guess if the procedure isn't followed exactly, there's a good chance unsatisfactory performance will result.
any time i perform work on a car i've never had experience on, i follow the all data for every procedure. cars just arent simple like the were pre 1990s, although a lot of mechanics are still in that simple car mentality.


CAUTION: Do not use well water, or suspect water supply in cooling system. A 50/50 mixture of the recommended ethylene glycol and distilled water is recommended.

Close radiator draincock. Hand tighten only.

Open, but do not remove cooling system bleed valve.
Attach a 6.35 mm (0.250 inch) inside diameter clear hose that is 120.0 cm (48 inch) long to the bleed valve. Route the hose away from the accessory drive belts and radiator fan. Position the other end of the hose into a collecting container. The hose will prevent coolant from contacting the accessory drive belts, A/C compressor, and other components.

Remove the cooling system pressure cap. Install Special Tool 8195 Filling Aid Funnel.
Use the supplied clip to pinch overflow hose.
NOTE: Be careful not to spill coolant on drive belts or the generator.

NOTE: While filling the cooling system, pour coolant into the larger section of the Filling Aid Funnel 8195.

Slowly fill the cooling system until a steady stream of coolant flows from the attached hose on the bleed valve.
Close the bleed valve and remove the hose.
Remove clip from overflow hose and remove funnel 8195.
Fill coolant to the top of the pressure cap neck.
Install cooling system pressure cap.
CAUTION: Coolant may leak out of the bottle overflow tube if filling too rapidly.

Slowly fill coolant reserve/recovery bottle to at least the FULL HOT mark with the recommended coolant. It may be necessary to add additional coolant to the reserve/recovery bottle after three or four warm-up/cool down cycles to maintain coolant level between the FULL HOT and ADD marks. This is due to the removal of trapped air from the system.
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Old 03 Jul 2017, 12:14 pm
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Default Re: 2006 PT Overheating issues

Originally Posted by AngryPTOwner View Post
First time it overheated yesterday was at 55 mph. Second time after it cooled off and got to around 3/4 temp gauge, I had just got off the highway and was slowing down to 25 mph.
You had posted that the engine overheated at high speeds. This indicates the radiator fan is not involved. The radiator fan automatically shuts off at around 40 mph. Was this issue a secondary problem caused by another problem?

Originally Posted by AngryPTOwner View Post

So today for no reason at all , my AC , Heat, and engine fans just turned off. Car went up past 3/4 on gauge and Temp warning light came on. I pulled over and there was a LOT of gurgling coming from the engine. I waited until the engine cooled down (several hours), checked coolant level and for air bubbles. There was none.
This could be caused by the PCM, TIPM or wiring issues.

Originally Posted by AngryPTOwner View Post
Ok Dealer replaced everything. Fan, Relays, and Harness. Said all connectors were fine. The relays were put on "top" because the first set failed. They wanted to see if they were being overheated or not. I asked them to put it back where they belong. The apologized they had forgotten.

New symptom thought! So they replaced Thermostat and temp sensor just to see if it changed anything. Well for 12 days the car did not run hot or over heat.
Fan relays failing might be an indication of high current overheating the relays. Would high current cause the TIPM to shut down the radiator fan circuit?

The 2006 Pt Cruiser is common for having wiring problems. I would start with the radiator fan circuit wires. See if you are drawing high current in the circuit. Might need to keep the fan going continuously for 30 minutes or so.
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Old 15 May 2018, 01:50 am
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Default Re: 2006 PT Overheating issues

Anyone ever try using those "Auto Seal" products before? The ones that say in a cycle or two they will seal any head gasket leak or warped one? Just curious as my car is STILL overheating but only in weather above 78 degrees with 50+% humidity. Happens like clockwork now at exactly 32 mins of driving. Night time driving, no problem at all.

Dealer won't work on it anymore. Car places such as Midas / Car X want $1700 for a full head gasket replacement. It's only worth $850 blue book now so I'd rather just get a new car than spend the $1700.
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Old 15 May 2018, 06:41 pm
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Default Re: 2006 PT Overheating issues

how did the dealer determine the head is warped by just looking at it? there are so many folks that have overheating issues.. the problem is finding a member that follows through and actually discover the solution... one thing is for sure- everyone drove the poor thing while the gauge is pegged... people, get it towed! the boss will understand. I'm convinced its warped heads giving everyone grief...

if its junk the sealer wont hurt... if you don't do your own wrenching then its probably not worth it...
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2006 pt cruiser, overheating engine, overheating problems

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