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What are 2004 Turbo differences?

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Old 01 Nov 2019, 08:20 pm
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Default What are 2004 Turbo differences?

Hi all:

Recently picked up a 2004 LTD Turbo. Wondering what the differences are between the 2004 PT Limited Turbo and GT that give the GT 40 more HP?

According to the information I have, the LTD puts out 180 bhp @ 5200 rpm, 210 lb.-ft. @ 2800-4000 rpm. The GT version bumps that to 220 bhp @ 5100 rpm, 245 lb.-ft. @ 2800-4500 rpm. The block, heads, etc. seem the same. Is it injectors, boost & computer?


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Old 01 Nov 2019, 09:01 pm
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Default Re: What are 2004 Turbo differences?

PCM calibration

This has been a question often debated but a few of us now have seen the calibration and confirmed that it was the PCM Calibration and nothing more that gave the advertised power ratings.

Doubters..... please refer to the fuel calibration, timing,knock and global map setting in the PCM.

You may keep in mind that those factory advertised power output are much higher then any PT Cruiser that was actually DYNO checked. So if you got a PT TURBO CHARGED of any year you are already a head start in the game of performance and can make some nice improved numbers with some careful consideration to the best parts to achieve it even on a budget.
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Old 01 Nov 2019, 10:25 pm
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Default Re: What are 2004 Turbo differences?

That was what I suspected AND hoped for! Time to learn a little more about what can be done to upgrade . . . and for some fun!

Many thanks for the info!

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Old 02 Nov 2019, 10:52 am
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Default Re: What are 2004 Turbo differences?

Originally Posted by Plum01PT View Post
That was what I suspected AND hoped for! Time to learn a little more about what can be done to upgrade . . . and for some fun!

Many thanks for the info!

For a PT Cruiser used for everyday driving, don't worry about fudged dyno readings compared to nominal (named) horsepower ratings. If you add a GT or Stage 1 PCM, you will experience a much more powerful and fun car. And that's really the only point for most people with a PT Cruiser.

Forum member, Myckee, has a small business flashing PCM's for PT Cruisers and similar cars. If you contact him, he can make you a very reasonable price on a Stage 1 PCM for your 2004 PT Limited Turbo. That will take you beyond the horsepower of a factory PT GT and your car will become a blast to drive. And based on my experience, you will not likely lose any noticeable mpg but you will need to use premium fuel.

The premium fuel is required to prevent engine pinging due to the added compression at boost and the extra degree of ignition timing provided by the GT and Stage 1 programming. After installing a GT or Stage 1 PCM, it may be possible to run a "science experience" to determine if you can get by with lower grade fuel. But for most of us, using premium fuel as Mopar specified will solve the issue.

Here's a few other facts on this just for fun.

1. All non-GT turbo PT's can be called "Turbo Lites". Nominal horsepower is around 180. The GT engine and Turbo Lite engine are the same. The only difference is the programming in the PCM.

2. There were no Turbo Lites in 2003. The 2003 GT uses smaller (pink) injectors and does not put out as much horsepower as the 2004 and later GT's. To upgrade a 2003 GT to a Stage 1 PCM, the larger blue-banded injectors need to be added along with a 2003-only Stage 1 PCM that will drive the variable speed radiator fan only available in 2003. All others are two-stage fans.

3. All 2004 and newer GT's and Turbo Lites use the same blue-banded injectors. Thus, all can accept a Stage 1 PCM without modification.

4. The Stage 1 PCM was offered as a Dealer accessory for PT Cruiser GT's. Even back when sold by dealers, these were just regular PCM's sent to a third-party company by Chrysler for reflashing and relabeling. The point of these Stage 1 PCM's is to allow the GT to get closer to it's unmodified potential while getting around emissions standards. It was a legal way for Chrysler to do what Volkswagen recently got caught doing illegally. Today FCA does it by installing SRT "off-road" settings in their performance cars. The car meets emission standards until the owner selects the off-road settings. Our 2019 Scat Pack Plus has this SRT programming from the factory. It has factory launch control too.

If you want to go this way, I recommend you get a Stage 1 PCM. If me, I would contact Myckee by PM. He will explain all of this in better detail and he can give you some other good advice as well. The man is one smart cookie.

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Old 06 Nov 2019, 12:00 pm
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Default Re: What are 2004 Turbo differences?

You can also program to a GT standard. This will allow you to use lower grade fuel. But premium is a factory recomend fuel. Many run regular but performance will be affected. Not a noticeable thing if your just driving normal. But that's not the indication you gave in you post. Also to use a hand held tuner. You have to be at least a GT PCM tuned.

Glad the people posting have posted the real facts of the HP gain game. But you will run across the intake fake news. No it doesn't give any HP gains, in stock configurations. Only the aluminium can be opened up for more flow. But in reality. The real bang for the buck is the PCM. Great job guys for you expertise.

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This is a great read from one of our own! Badglas
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Old 06 Nov 2019, 01:01 pm
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Default Re: What are 2004 Turbo differences?

As well, besides the PCM tune, the turbo lites came with quieter and thus slightly more restrictive mufflers. It is doubtful that you would notice the few HP lost because of it though.
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