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Well...What are you gonna do??

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Old 20 Apr 2003, 04:38 pm
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Default Well...What are you gonna do??

I got rear-ended coming home from work on Thursday.

Sitting at green light waiting to make a left when the guy behind me thought he could just drive through me.

The good news is there was no real damage but I will have to have the rear bumper repainted.

The bad news is I have to convince the Jerk to pay. He refused to give his insurance info so at the moment all I have is his Name, address, telephone # and drivers license #.

Yeah I know, not the smartest thing but I was just so angry it was all I could do not to throttle the guy right there. only 4000k on the car and I have to have it worked on already. And to top it off the jerk says "it's not that bad, I'll take it to I guy I know and he'll touch it up!!!""

If my fiancee hadn't stopped me... I'll be going to my dealer tomorrow. Thankfully they have a great reputation for painting and body work.

I'll let everyone know how it turns out. I suspect it will be somewhere in the area of $200 CA to paint it.

At least I can come here and vent a bit. I can take some comfort from others who have gone through this..

Thanks all

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Old 20 Apr 2003, 04:47 pm
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just to let you know...the dealership is not the best place to go. They have a definite tendency to overcharge for their work, and their are definitely better shops around. Also, they WILL take off your rear bumper and will most likely make you replace components of it due to crash stacdards, regardless of how much damage there is. Just remember that the dealership is run like anyother business, they're there to cost maximize for you, NOT to be your friend...<img src=icon_smile_evil.gif border=0 align=middle>

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Old 20 Apr 2003, 04:59 pm
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That sucks! I don't know what the laws are like up there but here it is always the guys fault who rearends but depending on how much your deductable is you might as well get it done yourself! Good luck!

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Old 20 Apr 2003, 05:30 pm
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sorry to hear that. hope everything works out.

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Old 20 Apr 2003, 08:45 pm
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If the other person "refused" to give you his insurance information, regardless weather he said he was going to pay for it out of pocket, he probably doesn't have insurance or had so many accidents that he was afraid he was going to lose his coverage. In most states it's against the law to drive without insurance. I respond to lots of calls for "fender benders" where a simple exchange of information form takes care of the matter but a lot of times when someone doesn't produce the proper documents, a computer pull of his/her drivers licence/tag/VIN usually comes up with other infractions that will cause a citation or arrest to be made. Hope everythig turns out OK for you.

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Old 20 Apr 2003, 08:46 pm
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that sucks !! i just went threw a horrible time someone had put paint remover on my pt had to have the whole car painted with only 3,400 miles on it !! i don't know your law but i would call the cops and say he hit you and drove off !! just give them the plate # screw him !!

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Old 21 Apr 2003, 02:02 am
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I just got rearended in my dakota befor i did the trade off on the pt, there was 1500$ damage done to my truck, and the guy wrote his toyota off on my hitch. the cops were called coz his wife got hurt by the seatbelt, and it took 2 toe trucks to get us apart. I think he got charged with undue care and some thing else, but the guy told his insurance (and mine) that there was no damage to my truck. I had to goto 3 differnt place's to get them quotes, and now its just going threw, after i traded the truck off.

I'd say, goto the cops if he dosent pay.

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Old 21 Apr 2003, 09:22 am
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Sorry to hear about your accident, nbr10. Hope all repairs/painting are done well so your car looks like new again. I would agree with previous comments regarding going to a dealership and would recommend that you consider going to a specialized body/paint shop to get the work done. This should cost less and the quality of work may be better. Good luck.

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Old 21 Apr 2003, 11:16 am
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well you should look at it like this... you get rearended... upgrade... if he hit your bumper.. then get some quotes to fix it.. then take that money and get a rol pan.. you might have to pay a littel out of your pocket but you will be upgrading.. never raplace with stock..

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Old 21 Apr 2003, 11:26 am
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I got the GT as the result of my '88 S-10 being rear ended, so that wasn't a total bad thing. The truck wasn't that damaged, but it was customized to the point that the repairs were more than the blue book. Talk about an upgrade! I and my wife are much happier with the PT Turbo.

Note: For those of you who alter the high mount brake light, I would reconsider unless you're somehow making it brighter. Just my opinion.

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