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Old 17 Dec 2001, 05:17 pm
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Default 2001 PT Cruisers

Dear 2001 PT Cruiser owners

Not satisfied with the response to my question concerning the problem surrounding the lack of arm rests in the 2001 PT cruisers with leather seats, I contacted The Chrysler Coorperation and got this possible explanation since no one really knew why.
The leather seats were built first and by the time they realized the arm rests were ommitted all the leather seats had been built. That's why the cloth seats which were built last, had the arm rests.
I filed a formal complaint with Chrysler and was told that unless they receive a considerable amount of complaints, nothing will probably be done since the problem has been remedied. I don't know about the rest of you, but I feel I was cheated by Chrylser in that I paid more for the leather seats and got less quality then on the cheap cloth seats.
There is also the safety issue. If you read page 38 para. 4 and the last para. in the warning box on the same page, it states that it is unsafe to lean against the door if side air bags are installed in the vehicle. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want to not have anything to lean up against to be comfortable in order to maintain my safety.
I believe the more people that call and complain about this
oversight, the better the chances that Chrylser will find a way to make things right. I don't know if it can be proven that it is a safety issue, but if it could, there would be a recall. If not a safety issue, then like I said, I believe we were cheated by not having a normal interior item installed in our vehicles.
So please, Call! And get everyone else you know to call that ownes a 2001 PT without the pass. arm rest and maybe, just maybe something will be done. Let's stick together. Call 1-800-992-1997

wayne stockman
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Old 17 Dec 2001, 06:29 pm
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Wayne. I own both '01 and '02 Chrylser PT Cruiser catalogs which I got at my local dealer.

Here's the armrest info taken directly from the "All PT Cruiser Models Include" sections of both catalogs.

Hope this helps.
Happy Cruisin.

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Old 18 Dec 2001, 06:21 am
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Why would you want to lean on the door? Putinf your arm on the arm rest is not what they are talking about. I think the A pillar yould be in the wat to see if you are leaning on the door.

2001 Touring
smoked back up lights, red turn signals, adjustable antenna, pedal covers
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Old 19 Dec 2001, 04:02 pm
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Seems like a lot of hoopla over such a simple item. 2001 PT is the first car I've ever owned..and that's many over thirty years..that's even HAD an arm rest in it. No big deal..I hardly ever use it anyway, except for long freeway trips with cruise control on. With a five speed, it seems to kinda get in the way for shifting without holding my arm at a wierd sngle to do so. These are not expensive cars, and yet come standard with power windows, A/C, cruise, AM/FM, and more. A lot of people seem to expect them to be outfitted with the same luxuries as a Lexus..ain't gonna happen, even with "leather". The cloth interior is actually very nice, not "cheap" as mentioned, Wayne. Mine only came with a driver's arm rest, too, by the way.

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Old 20 Dec 2001, 08:15 pm
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My 2002 Touring has both arm rests.....I wish it was one large one, as my arm is always slipping into the gap between the two!

PTPaul and Harry (that's my PT's name...PT stands for Potter Transport, as in Harry Potter!)

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Old 19 Jan 2002, 05:01 am
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I don't see a problem here. I knew my 2001 PT Limited had just a small driver's side arm rest when I bought it. So what? What is there to complain about? There was no deception on Chrysler's part.

I later added a large arm rest but seldom use it. I'm not sure why I added it.

Why would one want to lean on the door while driving? I sit up in the seat and keep my hands on the wheel. Why lean?

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Old 20 Jan 2002, 09:10 pm
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Don't know who you talked to at DC, but NONE of the 2001 PTs had passanger side armrest. My wife has a 2001 Touring with cloth seats and DOES NOT have a passanger armrest. It was built in April 01 so is not an early build. Not one of the 2001 PTs that we looked at had a passanger armrest.

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