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DuginMT 13 May 2014 10:12 pm

Rear Cigar Lighter/12V socket installation?
I have the base 2008 PT Cruiser without the 12V socket in the right trunk area. I pulled the jack cover and found the wiring and connector for the socket zip-tied to the tail light wiring. I would like to purchase the 12V socket accessory and cap to install, it looks like a 5 minute job, and it would be handy once in a while. I will stop at the dealer tomorrow to see if they have this piece, if not do you know of any good sources that would have a socket that would just plug in to the Chrysler two-wire connector? Thanks!

Ray_Dockrey 13 May 2014 10:48 pm

Re: Rear Cigar Lighter/12V socket installation?
I got mine at the junkyard for a couple dollars a piece.

DuginMT 13 May 2014 10:50 pm

Re: Rear Cigar Lighter/12V socket installation?
Thanks Ray, did you have to find a Chrysler late model or are all late model connectors the same?

Ray_Dockrey 14 May 2014 07:55 am

Re: Rear Cigar Lighter/12V socket installation?
I have no idea. My junkyard had five PT's sitting in it. They were first generation PT's but the plugs and wiring are the same. Mine didn't have the rear one or the one inside the console. It does now.

Also, except for the logo on the cap all three are the same. The rear one, the one in the console, and the front one are all interchangeable. This is what it looks like:

Ray_Dockrey 14 May 2014 08:00 am

Re: Rear Cigar Lighter/12V socket installation?
I found this one. From the looks it is interchangeable.

Chrysler Dodge Jeep 2006 2012 Power Outlet Cigar Lighter Cap | eBay

DuginMT 14 May 2014 09:19 am

Re: Rear Cigar Lighter/12V socket installation?
Thanks Ray, now I have some options! Planning to stop by the junkyard today. If no luck there, I called O'Reilly's Auto and they said they have four universal fit versions ranging from 4 to 12 bucks that would work. My first electrical mod!

DuginMT 14 May 2014 01:14 pm

Re: Rear Cigar Lighter/12V socket installation?
Well, stopped by O'Reilly's and they had several generic lighter plug-ins, but none with the correct connector for the PT cruiser. Most of those, you would have to cut and solder wires. Next stop was my local junkyard, where they pointed me out to three 1st-generation PT Cruisers. Two had the rear power outlets, and one had an extra front power outlet. I pulled the best rear power outlet (with an intact cap), and one front outlet which was the cigarette-lighter type, also with an intact cap. They just snap out, with some effort. I got home and installed the cigarette-lighter outlet in the rear trunk of my '08, it snapped in and connected with no problem. I soon found out it would only work with the key on, but it powered up my radar detector just fine, and heated up a cig lighter out of my Chevy truck, but it does not hold it in, you have to do that manually. Might look for a new lighter, nice to have even if you don't smoke. I then popped the plug inside of my high console, and could find no power port connector. Opened the rear of the console (around the window switches) and confirmed there was no pre-wired connector in there - only window wiring. Oh, well, now I have a spare power port in the garage and a rear power port for the PT! Total junkyard cost for the two ports - $5. Thanks again Ray.

DuginMT 14 May 2014 03:14 pm

Re: Rear Cigar Lighter/12V socket installation?
Determined why the cig lighter was not staying in the rear port - the keeper tabs on the socket were bent out too far. I bent them back in a little with the point of my knife (note, I learned that to avoid arcing and sparking you need to turn off the key first, luckily I did not blow a fuse), and now the lighter stays in until it pops out hot. Bought a new lighter and "smokeless" cupholder ash tray at O'Reillys for about eight bucks, and the lighter works in both the front and back of the PT now. Now if I find a girlfriend who smokes, she will be all set up! I heard once that if they smoke, they ........!

randyincctx 14 May 2014 04:15 pm

Re: Rear Cigar Lighter/12V socket installation?
The 12v power outlets aren't really designed to be used for cigarette lighters,because the element gets so hot it can actually melt it over time.
That's why the actual 'Cigarette/12V' outlets have a ceramic insulator in between the socket and the electrical connector(purposely to handle the heat).;)
In a pinch it may be OK to use,but I personally wouldn't recommend it at all,but I've been know to be overly cautious......
Just get a Bic lighter,or don't smoke at all!:p

DuginMT 14 May 2014 08:04 pm

Re: Rear Cigar Lighter/12V socket installation?
Thanks Randy, I installed an actual cigarette lighter socket in the rear, complete with the ceramic insulator and the lack of rubber at the bottom of the socket. Also, the cap has a cigarette on it, just like the one below the radio. Will not be using the lighter much, except perhaps in emergencies. I did test the rear outlet tonight, running a mini air compressor to air up my right rear tire that I found had a 2 1/2" duplex nail embedded in it. Now it is plugged and holding air, and I know the rear outlet can power the air compressor! Looking into 12V coolers/refridgerators for the rear this summer. It seems like the ones that can hold 20 or more quarts are around $100 on up. Holding off on this one for awhile.

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