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  1. mvpeters
    11 Sep 2017 02:54 pm - permalink
    Hi UptownSport. Do you have a picture of what the accumulator looks like on your PT Cruiser and where it is?
  2. phitch
    06 Dec 2015 11:01 pm - permalink
    I was reading the thread about cylinder heads/repairs, I had a question about the steam ports. It looked as though in one photo there were three steam holes on one side and three more on the other side that sere plugged up. are there supposed to be three holes open on both sides? because another pic had 3 holes on each side of that cylinder head ,one in between each cylinder on both sides. thank you for any feedback
  3. crewzen4abrewzen
    11 Mar 2015 04:18 pm - permalink
    I had seen somewhere that you were going to send a guy a rebuilt head with new valves for $135 if the guy would send u pics of the old valves. my bf said we will ship the valves to u if u can give me a deal on the head. my cousin totalled her pt cruiser 2002 so im trying to get parts from her which is proving to be difficult but im running out of options
  4. crewzen4abrewzen
    11 Mar 2015 04:15 pm - permalink
    got home boyfriend checked a few things i think had some stuff apart looked at it had a friend look at it and started back to houston from 130 miles away and I was thinking my car wasnt running right so i told my bf and he disregarded it then as i got more down the road i asked him if it looked like my car was smoking and he said no it was fine so i set the cruise control for 75 and shortly after when inclining on a hill my car decelerated to 65 mph and i said something is wrong it was losing power and my bf said to pull over and while doing so it stalled out and hasnt ran since we got her home removed the valvecover and it appeared that a rocker arm had slipped off of a valve on the exhaust side. do you know what could have caused this? .
  5. crewzen4abrewzen
    11 Mar 2015 04:14 pm - permalink
    The valve cover has had oil coming out of the driver back corner which ive heard in reality is is coming from a leak in the head from having a gasket on it that fits a 2.L instead of the correct 2.4 L gasket also being as how its an OHC and apparently its been leaking like this for quite sometime because there is oil EVERYWHERE not to mention power steering fluid everywhere its hard to distinguish the two sometimes and where its coming from but as far as we know the head isnt cracked . It just seems to be leaking from the back driver side .while driving to flush the radiator I was 30 miles from my destination when my car stalled out and the battery light blinked as did my oil light , so i cranked her back up and was on my way ..
  6. crewzen4abrewzen
    11 Mar 2015 04:11 pm - permalink
    so we noticed one of the camshaft sprockets is UP side down . My boyfriend has tried to put the timing back on the same way (the wrong way and is convinced this is not the problem, im having a hard time entertaining that) has since flushed the radiator filled it with water changed out the coolant temp sensor and drove it over 300 miles .he is unsure that the timing being 180 degrees off would affect its driveability i disagree, havent had any more problems with it overheating. the power steering pump is out and leaks everywhere ( will fix that later).
  7. crewzen4abrewzen
    11 Mar 2015 04:10 pm - permalink
    Hello . I am new to the forum being as how I need help desperately and i believe yall are the ones that can help. I recently traded my 95 ford escort with no problems(lol) for a 2001 pt cruiser limited edition. 2.4Lwith some previous problems causing it to sit for two years. My boyfriend knows his way around some motors and is a fast learner as am I . ok so heres the deal. The only history I have on it is it was overheating and had the green antifreeze in it and the prev owner had taken it to a shop where they said the timing was off 180 degrees (her son in law was the last one to have car apart replacing timing belt while leaving her a bucket of spare bolts i was unaware of until after the switch she said it must have slipped her BUT OF COURSE IT DID. . .
  8. stockss
    11 Jul 2013 10:32 pm - permalink
    ok thanks for your info i will try and find a parts manual thats more specific than the 01 parts cataloge i downloaded again thanks
  9. stockss
    11 Jul 2013 07:58 pm - permalink
    Hi uptownsport,
    I have a 2 liter ecc pt cruiser and with 320,000 k's on the clock and was looking at rebuilding the engine and am unsure of what pistons to use as the ones on the 01 parts cataloge show differing part numbers for the 2 and the 2.4's and the ones for the neons look to be differant again. any help would be appreciated.
  10. Marty_D
    14 May 2013 09:35 am - permalink
    I've been told you might be able to help me with some infomation.
    I'm about to change the timming belt on my Cruiser 2.0 2002 Auto.
    currently I'm thinking of just changing the pully/idle wheels on the tensioner etc.

    Is it possible to replace the current old type tensioner with the new on from the 2003's upwards?
    If it is I'll get the sprockets off and change it.
    I believe i read there's a modification to do on the upper belt cover or buy a new upper cover?

    Any help will be great


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