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''no bus'' help pleaseeeee

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Old 15 Feb 2016, 02:28 pm
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Exclamation ''no bus'' help pleaseeeee

I have a 2006 Chrysler pt cruiser turbo 2 weeks ago my engine light came on my car i went to auto zone for a diagnostic they gave me code P0303 cylinder 3 misfire detected so i was told to change the spark plugs which i did asap, when i would be at a stoplight my car would jerk as if it was going to die or something as soon as i changed the spark plugs my cars engine light was still on and kept making that weird feeling when i would drive it, 2 days ago i was at a red light and my car went off and read "no bus" on the odometer most of the dash board lights came on and my steering wheel got locked & my brake as well. I was told it was the battery that needed to be replaced or the alternator a close mechanic friend changed out my battery the car started up & was running fine even the engine light had disappeared and earlier today it did the same exact thing "no bus" wouldnt start at all but my radio worked and some of the dashboard lights came on idk what it could be and i dont want to keep wasting my money i feel so helpless no one knows anything about "no bus" or how to fix the problem ive done research and some say it could be a bad pcm and that may need replacing or maybe a tcm wire or the alternator or the timing belt if it started fine with a new battery 2 days ago what could be the problem thats causing my car to show the no bus message im so overwhelmed i just need a straight forward answer of what to do or what it could forsure be any advice is appreciated! Thanks!
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Old 15 Feb 2016, 05:18 pm
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Default Re: ''no bus'' help pleaseeeee

check the battery cables.

check the wires inside the bottom of the engine compartment fuse box

try disconnecting, inspecting(for corrosion), and reconnecting the connector at the computer.

about the "i was told the battery needed to be replaced" ...can you tell us who told you that, and why?

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Old 16 Feb 2016, 12:38 am
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Default Re: ''no bus'' help pleaseeeee

No Bus messages received from the Instrument Cluster

Possible causes:

1. Can B Bus Circuits Open or shorted
2. Dtcs related to battery voltage , Ignition, or VIN Messages
3. TIPM not configured correctly
4. Cluster power and ground

Check the IOD fuse and make sure its making proper contacts.

Check the battery voltage is between 10 and 16 volts. If it drops below 10 volts then it will loose communications. Do a battery load test to verify charging system is working properly. Check the battery fluid levels.

Check the Instrument Cluster connectors for proper contacts, proper grounds and power.
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Old 17 Feb 2016, 06:12 am
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Default Re: ''no bus'' help pleaseeeee

Usually if you go to an auto parts store for service it isn't as good as going to a factory service specialty shop.

Once a battery dies depending on the Mileage of the vehicle, the alternator should be inspected for drive belt tightening adjustment or drive belt replacement.

Simple things can be problems if you live and operate the vehicle in wet or icey conditions corrosion can be a real difficult to diagnose in electrical systems.
Don't attempt any repair yourself unless you have been trained or have professional supervision.

Sometimes the local College can assist you in fixing your car if you are on a budget and have no where to go, but call first and talk to the instructor in charge first.

P0303 isn't just electrical it can be fuel related and well as mechanical.
It is really important in a turbo engine to make sure your fuel system is clean and not contaminated.
Basic service tests like "coolant system pressure test" "cylinder leak down test" and fuel pressure and return fuel system line testing" can help you decide narrow down your problem.

Checking the serpentine drive belt for misalignment with the pulleys water pump, power steering, alternator.and the crank angle sensor, even the electrical connectors contact with the sensor can be suspect.

Since # 3 cylinder is the suspect in the code , inspecting that cylinders pressure for compression leakage, coolant leakage, and injector operation as well as the ignition (spark plug) cable and coil pack.

Since fuel at the gas pump now is 10 to 30% or more ethanol and gas stations fuel storage tanks are sometimes contaminated with water. It can mess up your vehicles fuel system, even fuel that sits for 7 days or more needs to be kept stable because of the ethanol content in a magnet for moisture.
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Old 17 Feb 2016, 07:11 am
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Default Re: ''no bus'' help pleaseeeee

One more thing that should be checked is vaccum hose leaks around the cylinder head or throttle body.
ASE, Certificates, iATN, Miller specialty, Snap-on, MAC, Craftsman, Husky, Harborfreight, what ever works!!!
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2006 pt cruiser, electrical problems, wont start

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