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Alabama PT Car Show, Glow Show and Picnic (USA, Alabama, Birmingham): 18 May 2007

Alabama PT Car Show, Glow Show and Picnic
Calendar: PT Event Calendar
Fresh Cruiser
Country: USA
State: Alabama
Location: Birmingham

Yall Come See Us.. Good EatN, Good Company, Great Time..

Awards Glow Show and Top 20 will have independent judging
Furthest Driven
Top 5 Glow Show
Top 20 Car Show
Honorary Southerner

Show Website

Show Flier

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Old 05 Jun 2007, 05:17 am
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Default Re: Alabama PT Car Show, Glow Show and Picnic

sounds like a Good Event i might just have to drive over from East Texas if i got my pt looking Shined up by then....
Big Ryan
freelance Photographer

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Old 26 Jun 2007, 08:18 am
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Default Re: Alabama PT Car Show, Glow Show and Picnic

Come See Us Ryan!!

know I know Some of yall are skeered to come to the Bama PT Car Show and Picnic

Hey .. Here to calm your jitters.

You can wear shoes if ya want to.. Some of us does and some dont. So you will fit in either way.

You dont have to eat Grits ( dont know why you woodnt) we always have plenty of Squirrel,coon,possum and bush meat to eat with our cats head biscuits. So Grits is optional. Ifn You cant be away from Malt O Meal ..Brang your own

Skeered you cant speak the language. Heck we will have interpreters.

Old Blue wont bite lessen you poke at him/her

Yes it is HOT in August But then again Its August its suppose to be HOT

Our Glow show is from the PT's Neon Lites, Not Cleteus shinning Deer thats in December.

You dont have to buy New Overalls fellers, we wont be a wearing ours since its Sunday go to Picnic Not Sunday Go to meeting. Shorts and or jeans is acceptable NO SPEEDOS PLEASE ,wife beater shirts are Ok also but beatN Tha wife is prohibited duriN Show hours.. TIP: If mama is happy we is all Happy

Yall Come on and Join us . Shoot Fire yall will see all those stereO types about us is true..Well the Southern Hospitality anyway.

Now the legal stuff... The Alabama Picnic and its promotors will in no way be held responsible for any rude treatment from Yankee transplants that just happen to have forgotten the way back up north from their Florida Visit and now live in Alabama. Jest so yall will know.

What yall will be a Missing,If ya dont come

Top 5 Glow Show awards (Saturday Night after the Vittles is ate)
Top 25 Car Show awards (Sunday after the Vittles is ate)
both judged by indepentent judges and their votes are final

Furthest Driven Award . Based on where you live and you showed up at our picnic, and it is the farther than anyone else lives that came.. Plowing 40 acres with Roscoe the Mule and then coming over is not what Furthest driveN means.

Honorary Yankee Award.. Based on how well you fake acting like a Southerner ..(Tip) Watch Gone with the Wind.. even if some of the war scenes is historically in accurate.

Barber Motorsports Barber Motorsports Park (Show Kicks off here Saturday)

Ezell's Cat fish Camp.. Food to die for not die from

Glow Show..

Picnic Sunday .. LIP SMACKIN PORK BBQ from Jim and Nicks FREE with yore registrayshun

Sundays Car Show and Wildlife Tour (no that is not a visit to my house either)

Yall COME SEE US ,NOT only will U be glad yall came,we will be too. Anyone coming from up Nawth and your afraid you wont get back home. We will be a given Directions Back Sunday afternoon.

Royalty is most likely to be seen.. Current and Former Grits Kings/Queens are frequent visitors to these events.

? for you know it alls.. If a man speaks in The Woods and there is No woman there to hear him..Is the man still wrong?

Bonus ? #2 .. We all know a Thermos Jug keeps cold things Cold and Hot Things Hot..What we want to know is HOW DOES IT KNOW?

YALL Come on and Sign Up

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