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cruiser is killing me

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Old 09 Nov 2013, 03:17 pm
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Exclamation cruiser is killing me

Hello everyone I recently ended up with the responsibility of recovering my "wifes" 01 from a botched water pump/timing belt replacement(i think). the car was leaking from the pump to start, she did a bunch of mechanic calling, found out what it would cost and decided to have a self proclaimed home mechanic do it. it appears he has replaced the water pump successfully, the timing belt was replaced properly as well from what i can see after very miserably tearing it apart (ripped into at the end to find everything lined up) but the car wont idle for more than a few minutes now and that's only when it's cold the idle is extremely low now too down around 5 to 700 rpm it runs and accelerates off the line but only if i flutter the gas to keep it idling. while driving no matter what the speed if i get off the accelerator and try to keep a stationary speed it dies no sputtering or surging just cuts out.... Now i said i didn't wanna screw with it so after some research I figured it had to be a tooth or two on the timing paid my companies lease mech to check the timing he said it was good but the plugs were in rough shape so instead of paying the extra $150 for him to do it i brought it home and have just gone to town thinking in my head the mech said timing was good i cleaned the throttle body inside and out (out of car) replaced all components attached to it as well, did plugs and wires took resistance readings off coil pack all were in acceptable range according to chiltons specs. did compression test all were between 215 psi and 221, hooked the old fuel injector pressure gauge up psi held a 60 psi steady all injectors resistance readings were within given ranges(all between 12.0-12.2) went to every single damn connector/connection under that hood code reading from the old key trick are P0351,P0352 ignition coil no.1/no.2 primary circuit current not achieved with maximum dwell time i cleared em with the OBD 2 reader i have and they've come back multiple times. the readers not picking anything else up though. i'm at my wits end with this cruiser i am now sitting here staring at the side of motor with all notches lined up and am seriously debating throwing a flaming bag of HORSE SHAT, motor mount bolts, plates, torque struts, splash shields at the chrysler headquarters! any help would be greatly appreciated i know this horse has been beaten to death on this cruiser site as well as every other but im almost a month into this and i'm not sending her to the wrecking yard I WILL NOT BE DEFEATED! hopefully
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Old 09 Nov 2013, 03:42 pm
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Default Re: cruiser is killing me

The PT's engine is a Distributorless Ignition System (DIS).

The Camshaft sensor determines which cylinder is firing to establish injector synchronization and coil firing sequence in DIS systems.

You might have a problem with the Camshaft Sensor. Thousands of other do. Either the sensor, target magnet, connection or wiring harness could be a problem.
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Old 09 Nov 2013, 05:19 pm
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Default Re: cruiser is killing me

Wow thank you for the quick response. your cruiser is ! I pray it's not a harness issue, i know it isn't a connector i've been through every one I could get my hands on with a micro file to guarantee clean contact and inspected their bodies for cracking and or loose pins in the female sides and male you wanna talk about time consuming pain in the A! so I guess i'm headed to the auto parts store for a sensor thanks again for the speedy response i'll update if it cures it. please cure it it'smaking me lose it
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Old 09 Nov 2013, 05:41 pm
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Talking Re: cruiser is killing me

For the Cruiser to "Killing Me" would have to put it in gear and lay down in front!
Please don't!
Sell the Cruiser first!
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2003 PT Cruiser GT Panel Van Conversion as new day driver.

Have now owned 6 PT Cruisers = Me PT Crazy!
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Old 09 Nov 2013, 09:50 pm
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Lightbulb Re: cruiser is killing me

Here's a really great video 'How-To' on replacing the Camshaft Position Sensor,and the target magnet doesn't cost that much more in comparison........Notice he mentions 'not' letting the wiring loom come into contact with the coolant hoses,because it can make the loom and/or wiring get hot,and susequently become brittle.(It happens more often than you'd think!)

2003 PT Cruiser (Base-N/A) Patriot Blue Pearl Purchased @ Police Impound Auction for $1,000.
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Old 11 Nov 2013, 04:50 pm
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Default Re: cruiser is killing me

Thank you for that I really needed the laugh after this ordeal! I bit the bullet and
just tore into the timing 1 last time after the new camshaft sensor didn't help, but hey I have A new cam sensor installed so..... anyways after FINALLY getting
the trailing edge of the crankshaft sprocket/gear exposed so i could line it up with the mark on the engine, I checked the cams and sure as S*!T the exhaust cam WAS OFF A TOOTH WITH THE NOTCH POINTING TOWARD THE HOOD! I really would like my money back from my mech(finding a new 1) and the gentlemen who started it all really needs a good I'm curious now though just how far i need to reassemble everything beyond the obvious things i'm really curious if I can safely start it without reassembling the passenger motor mount to test it before i put that plate back on with as big of A pain as it is to take off i'd rather not put it back on till i'm 100% sure it's timed thanks again and apoligies for improper terminology editid a little research about starting it with motor mount off and it led me straight back to this place has been a great help thank all of you for your help and willingness to share knowledge and experiences
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Last edited by Sheldon; 11 Nov 2013 at 05:17 pm. Reason: found more info
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codes, timing, water pump

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