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04' overheating please help

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Old 22 Mar 2014, 07:51 pm
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Default 04' overheating please help

hi, i just bought an 04' pt cruiser and it was over heating, i replaced the thermostat and the radiator and it helped allot ! unfortunatly it still over heats after around 30 to 40 minutes of straight driving,

i also had them run the test for carbon monoxide in the radiaitor fumes and there was zero, also there is no vapor in the exhaust, so i hope that rules out head gasket

i ran the codes for the engine light and replaced the relay for the fan,
it seems maybe someone jimmied the fan to stay on all the time cause it goes on in the accesory position when i turn the key,,

so whats next ?? i heard about a preasure test for the radiator maybe theres a leak in a hose ,???

what about air blockage ? is there anything that i can do ? is there a blockage somewhere that i dont know about ??

what about the water pump ? is it possible that the water pump is half working ?? please help i am at my wits end !!

tyvm ,
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Old 22 Mar 2014, 10:05 pm
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Lightbulb Re: 04' overheating please help

A fairly inexpensive part that can easily cause some overheating issues is the radiator cap.....Alot of people have thrown money,after money trying to chase down an overheating issue,only to find out in the end (after considerable $$$ I might add),that it was the radiator cap all along(about $10-$15 for a Stant #10230/16psi)
How old is your radiator cap???......You mentioned a new radiator,but did you reuse the old cap?

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Old 23 Mar 2014, 06:16 am
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Default Re: 04' overheating please help

Maybe try to bleed some air out using the bleeder 4 inches below the radiator cap.
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Old 23 Mar 2014, 10:03 am
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Default Re: 04' overheating please help

when i bleed it is the car on ? is it off ? is it cold ? can you tell me more details i did not bleed it, i also bought a new radiator cap , i had the radiator installed by a mechanic, i doubt he bleed it ???
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Old 23 Mar 2014, 11:35 am
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Default Re: 04' overheating please help

ok i blead it ! ,, and i did my own test for a faulty water pump and i think i am correct, please tell me if i am wrong,,

i took off the radiator cap and started the car,, i put my hand on the radiator cap hole and there was next to zero pressure to hold my palm,,,

also i waited until it got hot enough to activate the thermostat and still zero suction on my palm,,

there is next to zero suction or movement in the opening ,,

i am next to positive that the water pump is failing because it overheats after 30 to 40 minutes of driving like clock work,, just enough time to bring the water to a boil where it shoots out of the overflow reservoir and causes the over heating.

i replaced the radiator , the cap is brand new, the thermostat is brand new, there are zero emissions (carbon monoxide) in the rad water and zero white smoke out the tail pipe,

please please please,, tell me that it is the water pump ? lol....

im freaking out
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Old 29 Mar 2014, 12:27 pm
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Default Re: 04' overheating please help

At this point I think it's either the pump or a leak. You have coolant in the system, right? If you said so, then I missed it, for which I apologize.

I just had to put more coolant in my cruiser. Until we can save up enough to have the heater core replaced, we have to deal with it sloooooowly venting vaporized coolant into the cabin when the heat is on- mainly with defrosting. Mom was on the way home from the mechanic yesterday, with a diagnosis of failure on the driver side front wheel bearing, and it overheated. Thankfully, that was about 5 months after having the radiator replaced and new coolant put in. We'll have to deal with the smell of coolant inside for now, since it's not as urgent of a problem as, say, the possibility of the wheel falling off.
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Old 29 Mar 2014, 01:26 pm
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Default Re: 04' overheating please help

How many miles on the PT? If near or over 100,000 miles, you're due for timing belt anyway, and water pump gets done at the same time....
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