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"Mysterious" turbo engine noise...???

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Old 09 Aug 2005, 12:09 pm
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It's always worth it when the jobs done right[?]
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Old 09 Aug 2005, 12:30 pm
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quote:Originally posted by Red GT
...They have taken very good care of my car from the get go and have treated me very well as well. So I trust them with my car.
Good car dealerships are out there but they are some times hard to find. It is great when you find a DC dealership that treats you well and you can trust with your car. Needless to say, I have also found one...[^] [^] documented in this thread.
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Old 09 Aug 2005, 04:47 pm
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With everything that has happened to my car most would have given up on her and traded her in by now but, I can't do it. I love this car and the fact that my dealer has taken such good care of it all under warranty that I just couldn't give it up. It's my dream car. I don't want another. Yes, they are indeed a 5 STAR dealer. We are in the middle of buying and extended warranty on her. 7 year 85,000 miles, $0 deductible, I plan on keeping it a long time.
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Old 18 Aug 2006, 01:12 pm
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Gary the next time your cruiser is near an oil change get a can of marvel mystery oil. and put in with your oil. it won't hurt it. I used to put in it a ford truck that I had. It made a funny noise. when cold or after sitting for a while. Then after running it for a while if the noise goes away use it with your oil. I always new when it was time to change the oil by the noise it made It could be some sort of lube broblem with your engine. maybe the oil pump isn't working the way it should. .
like cruiseing,meeting new people and sailing on the bay in my other cruiseer.
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Old 18 Aug 2006, 09:53 pm
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I didn't read all of the posts so maybe someone has mentioned this before, but if your car was a manual than I think the issue might have been transmission related. I have an '03 GT with an intermitant rattle that sounded to me like something with the valve train. It bugged me no end. I could hear it when I was in the car, but couldn't hear it under the hood. Eventually I found out that it was in the gearbox because the noise went away when I stepped on the clutch or when I left my foot off the clutch pedal and put slight pressure on the stick like I was trying to put it in gear. I mentioned this whenever I took the car in for servicing, but it didn't make the sound. Finally one time it did. The dealer wasn't too worried. They agreed it was in the trans, but thought it should be left alone a bit since I still had plenty of time under warranty.

Well, the repair they did on the car the last time didn't solve the problem. I took it back. This time they called and said they heard the rattle and agreed it needed to be looked at. Almost three weeks later I got the car back with a new center shaft and some miscellaneous internal transmission parts. No more rattle.
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Old 19 Aug 2006, 12:46 am
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quote:Originally posted by Silvereagle

Gary the next time your cruiser is near an oil change get a can of marvel mystery oil. and put in with your oil...
Thanks for the advice but I won't need to do that as my "6 Star DC Dealer"
took back my 2003 GT

and "gave me" a new 2004 GT [^]

which I have now owned for almost 3 years (25K miles) -- no problems whatsoever, just awesome performance. It's a real WINNER and does not need any "mystery oil." [8D]
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Old 21 Aug 2006, 08:28 am
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Remember there is a TSB out on the engine noise...on the turbo only. It has to do with Camhpering the cam bearing caps....
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