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Busted_PT 15 Jul 2013 07:48 pm

See Busted_PT project 1 In the members project section.
Originally Posted by UptownSport View Post
Can you buy bushings & seals for turbo-thingys?
Originally Posted by Busted_PT View Post
Yes, you can get kits for them. I'm planing to rebuild one shortly.
Kit is in the mailbox according to tracking. Guess I will start that today. I got more projects going than NitroPT!

Well................. maybe anyone but him.


Before you begin. You will want to read the sister thread Doing Another Turbo. There are some refinements and mods to improve oil flow with the stock turbo that we're not known to me at the time of this post.

Yep, it was there. So I was so excited to do something different. Thought I would be done in a few hours.

Its a little nasty. I can make the blade rub the dirt off the side wall by hand. It never touched on it's own.

This was my attempted to mark the orientation of the outer case to the inner. But after getting further in found it wasn't necessary. But better to be cautious when you don't know. Yes this is my first turbo rebuild.

After removing the big snap ring. I had to tap the inner unit on the side to loosen it from the case. A rubber mallet and being careful not to tilt it to much. Don't want the blades to hit the side of the housing and damage them. Take about nerve racking.

Removing the seal with a dental tool. A drimal and some Novocain, I bet I could do that too! Wait I got distracted. You can see the dirt It scratched from the side of the housing on the impeller blades when checking for play.

An 8mm nut and the other end a 12pt 12mm nut, remove counter clock wise. slide thw wheel off.

I returned the nut back on to the shaft until it was just proud oh the shaft end. Then lightly tap it until shaft comes out the back. Gentile is the word here. Do not want to do any damage to the shaft or blades. Starting to see considerable coking, looks like we got this one just in time. Before any serious damage occurred.

I see the first peace of the puzzle came out with the shaft. The brass bushing. I will locate all the parts that is in the kit and document with the camera as to location and orientation. That way I know how it goes back together.

Time to remove the other snap ring and the disk that it holds.

I used this to knock the disk out the other end. Had to be careful not to get it cocked sideways as it comes out.

This the backside of that disk. More puzzle peaces. going to have to clean this stuff to see what all is what.

another peace. Looking nastier as I go.

Notch goes face down or inside in the case.

This is how the parts stack up on the disk as the go in the housing.

Anyone interested in a slightly used turbo kit? LOL More tomorrow.

Lotsa stuff in there

Lots to clean. This will take time and a good soak. Oil passages must be clean and not blocked.

That was the easy part. Here comes where I spent the bulk of time. The shaft housing.

Busted_PT 15 Jul 2013 08:52 pm

After cleaning all the inside of coaking. It was time to check and clean the oil passages.

The exhaust side oil passage was totally blocked. couldn't even get the dental tool in. Had to use a drill bit by hand to eventually get it open. Had I missed this I would have been redoing or replacing in a few thousand miles.

Checking in with our own turbo expert Mole, to gain any advice before going back together. I have a good photo reference as I took it apart. to remember where and how everything goes back together.

Busted_PT 15 Jul 2013 08:56 pm

Time to put the peaces together.

First get the shaft ready to go in by installing the oil seal. All metal to metal and rubber seals need lubed with assembly lube as you install each part.

Now install the bearing on the exhaust end of the center section.

Time to install the shaft and shield.

Press in until fully seated.

Turn it around and begin assemble the intake side. Installing the bearing and spacer.

The trust washer. the notch for the oil passage goes to the inside or face down.

Now the oil seal and deflector.

Now inswtall the oil seal and deflector into the cover.

Make sure the oil ring is pushed back into the cover. Not exposed like in the picture. Install the rubber seal and push the cover down into the hole of the center section. until the grove for the snap ring is visible.

Install the snap ring.

Put the impeller onto the shaft and tighten the nut to 100 in lbs. If I'm correct.

Busted_PT 15 Jul 2013 08:57 pm

Put the outer rubber seal on and install into the outer housing.

Line up the pin and hole for proper seating.

You can see the pin shining in the hole to confirm proper alignment.

Next the snap ring.

Then the adapter for the oil line. Then all done.

You are ready to install on the PT. Don't forget the spacer ring, between the exhaust manifold and the turbo.;):D For more installation tips chick my page in the projects section. Also a little reminder from my friend mole.

Make sure to prime the turbo well before you start the car up.

Pull the fuel pump relay, disable the ignition, and hold down on the gas pedal (to the floor)
try to start the car but it wont start. Do this for 10 seconds. make sure to keep the gas pedal floored.
then do it again for 15 seconds. Watch for the oil light on the dash to go away. then its ok to start the car (well if everything else is good)

Teska 15 Jul 2013 10:32 pm

Looks totally easy :rolleyes:

Busted_PT 16 Jul 2013 10:00 am


Originally Posted by Teska (Post 484343)
Looks totally easy :rolleyes:

Getting it off, and the absolute worst is getting the oil feed line off to clean or replace. :eek: Hardiest thing on rebuild is cleaning. Had to drill with my fingers the coke from the passages.;)

Busted_PT 21 Jul 2013 08:50 pm

Well here is the turbo rebuild as a standalone as Uptown requested. Hope this is a help for all who whant to DIY your own turbo.:D

Badglas 21 Jul 2013 09:04 pm

Nice job! Both the rebuild and the DIY thread. :D


Busted_PT 21 Jul 2013 09:33 pm


Originally Posted by Badglas (Post 485110)
Nice job! Both the rebuild and the DIY thread. :D


Thank's Ron, means a lot coming from you.:D My hope was that anyone would feel comfortable doing this themselves. ;):D

randyincctx 21 Jul 2013 09:58 pm


Originally Posted by Busted_PT (Post 485117)
My hope was that anyone would feel comfortable doing this themselves. ;):D

Or to scare the hell out of them so they'll know NOT to try it!...LOL:rofl: Your definately practicing a lost art,but it is refreshing to see one of the few who doesn't believe in 'just throw it away and get a new one'.....If I had a turbo that needed rebuilding I might try it myself after seeing your tutorial.....But then in my life so far I have rebuilt 3-Carburetors,6-Alternators,2-a/c compressors,2-power steering pumps,and several brake & clutch master cylinders(slaves cylinders also)......Most out of cost effectiveness,and wanting to do it myself.....So,I have somewhat of a 'can do' attitude and that's always a good start........EXCELLENT JOB ON THE TUTORIAL!:applause:

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