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So... (brake work coming soon)

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Old 29 Sep 2016, 06:05 pm
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Question So... (brake work coming soon)

So.... what are the BEST PADS for a 2004 Turbo Lite?
Would the front pads be the same spec as 2004 GT?

It seems to be something of a black art sorting the part numbers for these things.

My goal is to buy the best, best pads I can get, and have a local tech install them (along with other bits of the brake system). I'm leaning towards "ceramic" pads - I think that's what's on there now. The past three years every time I get them checked they say they are fine. But the brake system is overdue for a FLUSH ( never been done!) and since they broke the drain nipples off last time they tried a flush, I guess its gonna need calipers at the very least...
2004 'Turbo Lite'
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Old 29 Sep 2016, 06:21 pm
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Default Re: So... (brake work coming soon)

Carquest Wearever Platinum Professional Ceramic Brake Pads, all the way!

I LOVE these. They have rubber backing made on them and there's no brake dust at all. They stop great and there's no squeaking. Plus, they even look great. I could buy any brake pads I want but I put these on all my vehicles. I can't say enough good things about them.

I usually buy these online at Advance Auto using a 30% discount code. Then I go pick them up at the local store. That makes them very affordable.

And yes, they should be the same front pads as the GT. At least, the 2004/2005 turbo lites I've seen all had the same calipers and rotors. The calipers should be cast iron with "Turbo" written on them. These appear to have gone away in the 2nd Gen PT's in lieu of aluminum calipers. You might want to consider drilled and slotted zinc-plated rotors too. They really look good and the zinc really does seem to prevent a lot of the rust too.

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Old 29 Sep 2016, 06:33 pm
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Default Re: So... (brake work coming soon)

I can think of no reason Not to go with ceramic pads. They take heat better and throw WAY less dust. I am convinced that the stock pads are made from compressed dust.
I would avoid ones made for racing - they usually require "warm-up" to brake most effectively.
I haven't tried enough to rate them, but don't go cheap, and buy a brand you've heard of - is what I do.
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Old 29 Sep 2016, 06:49 pm
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Default Re: So... (brake work coming soon)

I have ceramic pads on one of my PT Cruisers and semi-metallic pads on the other PT Cruiser and I notice the rotors are wearing out much faster on the one with the ceramic pads. You will be lucky to get 100,000 miles on the rotors with the ceramic pads on it.
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Old 30 Sep 2016, 01:57 am
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Default Re: So... (brake work coming soon)

In April this year I installed new ceramic pads & rotors all around on my PT, so far they are the best brake pad/rotor combo I've had on any of my cars. Installed Hawk Sector 27 drilled/slotted rotors paired with Hawk PC ceramic pads. No brake dust to speak of, super smooth braking feel but it's not like I'm driving it hard or anything. Flushed out majority if not all of the old fluid & filled with fresh Prestone DOT 3 brake fluid. Thoroughly disassembled & cleaned the calipers, briefly thought about painting them, but changed my mind, just super cleaned everything. Used Slide-glyde (think that's what it's called) on the caliper pins, new clips, etc.... used the red Hawk no-squeak pad grease, not a peep out of them. Hawk has very favorable reviews all over different manufacturer sites, forums, etc.

Long story short I luv the Hawk ceramic pads, it's what I put on my daily driver Explorer in 2015, couldn't be happier with my choice in pads. Time will tell on durability, but I only drive my PT convertible as summer car, put 500-800 miles annually so brakes may last quite awhile.
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Old 30 Sep 2016, 02:15 am
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Default Re: So... (brake work coming soon)

I luv Ceramic Brake pads but .... I seriously doubt "anyone" has Ceramic Brake pads on a rotor for 100,000 miles??

I noticed a significant difference in rotor life when I used them on my Tercel with SS Brake lines. I luv them but the rotors did not last as long.

That aside ... the only truly "Butt Puckering" experiance I had with them was the first winter I had them on the car.

First snow of the season and the temp was below freezing. It's only about 100 feet to the stop sign before getting on the Hwy. That first morning I roll up to the Stop sign and I hit the brakes and .... "Nothing!!!" I had to really lay into them and they finally gripped. After that ... I got in the habit of dragging the brakes lightly to put heat into the pads/rotors before the first application. And never had a problem again. If you don't leave where it gets "seriously cold" you won't notice ... but if you do ... you've been warned.
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Old 09 Oct 2016, 08:51 am
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Default Re: So... (brake work coming soon)

Turbo lite pads won't necessarily be the same as GT. If you have rear drums, you need NA front pads.
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