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PTCruiserLinks.com GT Turbo Videos!

You'll need Flash Player 6 to view these videos, you can download it here. If you have audio speakers on your computer, be sure to turn the sound up.

Drag Strip I GT Turbo at Pomona. (no audio)

Drag Strip II GT Turbo at Pomona. (no audio)

Drag Strip III GT Turbo at Pomona. (no audio)

GT Turbo burnin' rubber 212k
This clip shows the Turbo's muscle, being able to smoke the tires from first gear.

Drive Over 168k
We set our camera on the ground and drove the Turbo over top of it. Notice the pronounced exhaust tone at the end.

GT driveby 220k
This clip shows the Turbo from a stop, approaching the camera, then taking off.

Engine rev 224k
This clip shows the Turbo's engine being revved up in neutral. Note it has a rev limiter in neutral so it doesn't spin too high. You'll notice a different tone than the stock Cruiser.

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